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Title Edition Author ISBN
A Short Textbook of Oral Radiology 2/e C Anand Kumar 9789352702084
MCQs for The FRCR Part 1 with Explanatory Answers 1/e C Gupta, G Gupta 9788180614033
Clinical Record for Post Basic BSc Nursing Course 3/e C Manivannan 9789389188578
Textbook of Nursing Management in Service & Education 1/e C Manivannan, T Latha Manivannan, J Baskaran 9789350901861
Community Health Nursing Record Book for Basic BSc Nursing Program 2/e C Manivannan, T Latha Manivannan, S Rathamani 9789354653544
Art of Laparoscopic Surgery Textbook & Atlas (4 Volumes) Volume 1: Basic Laparoscopic Surgery Volume 2: Esophagogastric Surgery Volume 3: Colorectal Surgery Volume 4: Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Surgery 2/e C Palanivelu 9789352708451
Clinical Assessment and Examination in Orthopedics 2/e C Rex 9789350256428
Principles of Exercises in Physiotherapy 1/e C Sivaram 9788184486162
Diagnosis and Treatment of Uveitis 2/e C Stephen Foster, Albert T Vitale 9789350255728
Practical Aids to Dispensing: Pharmacy and Experimental Pharmacology 1/e C Venugopalaswamy, K Ambabai 9789350901700
Creative Tools & Techniques of Multidimensional Educational Methods in Nursing 1/e Cecy Correia 9789386150738
Medical Surgical Nursing: Systemic Disease (2 Volumes) 1/e Cecy Correia 9789350908594
Nursing Profile 1/e Cecy Correia 9789350251591
Comprehensive Community Health Nursing 1/e Cecy Corriea 9789350251621
MCQs in Obstetrical Nursing Including Neonatology 1/e Chaitali Biswas 9789350254943
Neurological Examination for Physiotherapists 1/e Chaitali Shah 9789352703227
300 Single Best Answers for the Final FRCR Part A 1/e Chaitanya Gupta 9781907816024
Handbook of Infertility & Ultrasound for Practicing Gynecologists 2/e Chaitanya Nagori 9789390020768
Practical Guide to Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) 1/e Chaitanya Nagori, Sonal Panchal 9789390595167
Practical Guide to Ovulation Induction 1/e Chaitanya Nagori, Sonal Panchal 9789352708611
Textbook of Pathology and Genetics for BSc Nursing Students 1/e Chaitra K, Suma K 9789351528173
Basic Science for Modern Cosmetic Dermatology 1/e Chakaravarthi Srinivas 9789351523192
Recent Advances in Cardiothoracic Surgery-I 1/e Chander Mohan Mittal 9789350903230
MCQs in Gate Therapy for B. Pharma 1/e Chandi Charan Kandar 9788184484311
Step by Step Trauma Management (with Photo CD-ROM) 1/e Chandra Bhushan, Chandra Sekhar Mone 9788180618383
Hepatic and Biliary Diseases: Anesthesiologists’ Perspective 1/e Chandra Kant Pandey 9789350252512
Tips and Tricks in Hip and Knee Arthroplasty 1/e Chandra Shekhar Yadav, Ashok Kumar, Sanjay Yadav 9789350256473
A Review of Preventive and Social Medicine 1/e Chandrakant Lahariya 9788184483505
Diabetic Retinopathy for the Clinician 1/e Chandran Abraham, Annie Mathai 9788184485554
History Taking and Clinical Examination in Dentistry 1/e Charu M Marya 9789351523932
Essentials of Public Health Dentistry 1/e Charu Mohan Marya 9788194709077
Plab 1 Revision Made Easy 1/e Chatterjee JPB1000000127
Step By Step Blood Transfusion Services with cd-rom 1/e Chatterjee, Sen 9788180618215
Antibiotic Essentials 2020 17/e Cheston B. Cunha, Burke A. Cunha 9789389776317
Infections of the Gastrointestinal System 1/e Chetana Vaishnavi 9789350903520
A Textbook of General and Microzoonoses 1/e Chhabra, Arora 9788180610431
Musculoskeletal Examination 2/e Chief Author and Editor: Vivek Pandey, Co-author: Hitesh Shah 9789354651984
Year Book of Medicine 2020 1/e Chief Editor : Gurpreet S Wander 9789390020683
Textbook of Preventive Practice and Community Physiotherapy (Volume 1) 1/e Chief Editor: Dr Bharati Vijay Bellare, Sub-Editors: Pavithra Rajan, Dr Unnati Nikhil Pandit 9789352703258
Textbook of Preventive Practice and Community Physiotherapy (Volume 2) 1/e Chief Editor: Dr Bharati Vijay Bellare,Sub-Editors: Pavithra Rajan,Dr Unnati Nikhil Pandit 9789352704033
Year Book of Medicine 2018 1/e Chief Editor: Gurpreet S Wander 9789352705115
Interesting Cases in Hypertension: Useful Lessons on Management 1/e Chief Editor: Gurpreet S Wander, Editors: Siddharth N Shah, YP Munjal, M Chenniappan, Falguni S Parikh, Narinder Pal Singh, Anupam Prakash, Nihar P Mehta, Vitull Gupta 9789389587593
Covid-19 Pandemic and The Anesthesiologist 1/e Chief Editor: Jayashree Sood, Editors: Chand Sahai, Bhuwan Chand Panday MD, Mithilesh Kumar 9789354658563
ASSI Operation Theater Manual for Spine Surgery 1/e Chief Editor: Shankar Acharya, Associate Editors: Nitin Adsul, Sudhir Ganesan) 9789354654374
Clinical Approach and Management Strategies of Medical Ailments in Women: Oorja- The Power of Her 1/e Chief Editor: Shibba Takkar Chhabra, Co-Editors: Aastha Takkar Kapila, Anubha Rathi 9789389776867
FAQs on Vaccines and Immunization Practices 3/e Chief Editor: Vipin M Vashishtha, Editor: Ajay Kalra 9789390020607
Year Book of Cardiology - 2019: Heart Failure 1/e Chief Editor:Vijay K Chopra 9789352708949
Symptom Oriented Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery: Otology and Pediatrics (Vol. 3) 1/e Chief Editors: Malcolm Giles, Zahoor Ahmad, Randall P Morton 9789385891854
Symptom Oriented Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery: Head & Neck and Laryngology (3 Volumes) 1/e Chief Editors: Randall P Morton, Zahoor Ahmad, Malcolm Giles 9789351528050
Symptom Oriented Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery: Head & Neck and Laryngology (Volume 1) 1/e Chief Editors: Randall P Morton, Zahoor Ahmad, Malcolm Giles 9789385891892
Symptom Oriented Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery: Rhinology and Facial Plastics (Vol. 2) 1/e Chief Editors: Randall P Morton, Zahoor Ahmad, Malcolm Giles 9789385891847
Comprehensive Notes in Ophthalmology 1/e Chinmaya Sahu 9788184489675
Jaypee Gold Standard Mini Atlas Series Neck Dissections (with DVD-ROM) 1/e Chintamani 9788184485776
Menopause: Current Concepts 1/e (Reprint) Chittaranjan N Purandare 9788180613012
Atlas of Head and Neck Surgery 1/e Chris de Souza, Ziv Gil, Dan M Fliss 9789350903803
Recent Advances in Gastroenterology 12 1/e Chris Probert 9781907816765
Systemic & Ophthalmic Management of Diabetes Mellitus 1/e Chris Steele 9789352705870
Breast Elastography: Basic Principles and Interpretation of Clinical Cases 1/e Christina An. Gkali,Constantine Dimitrakakis,Maria Sotiropoulou 9789352700578
Diagnostic Evaluation of the Respiratory System 1/e Claudio Sorino 9789386056009
Textbook on Neurological and Neurosurgical Nursing 1/e Clement I 9789351522980
Nursing Solved Question Papers for BSc Nursing (1st Year 2019-2014) 4/e Clement, I,Edwards 9789389587135
Hospital Administration 3/e CM Francis,Mario C de Souza 9788171797219
A Practical Manual of Public Health Dentistry 2/e CM Marya 9789352705528
A Textbook of Public Health Dentistry 1/e CM Marya 9789350252161
Understanding Osteoarthritis and its Management 1/e Cmone Mishra 9789350255582
Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding 1/e CN Purandare 9788180613005
Gynecological Cancer 1/e CN Purandare 9788180619090
Jaypee’s Video Atlas of Assisted Reproductive Technologies and Clinical Embryology 1/e Col Pankaj Talwar 9789350907719
Manual of Cytogenetics in Reproductive Biology 1/e Col Pankaj Talwar 9789350909928
Decision Making in Surgical oncology 1/e Col. AK Tyagi, Capt. D Rautray 9788184481525
Atlas of Breast Imaging with Mammography, Ultrasound and MRI Correlation 2/e Col. CS Pant 9789350251874
First FRCR Anatomy: Practice Cases 1/e Constantinos Tingerides, Ashley Uttley, David Minks, Claire Exley 9781907816376
Management of Common Gynecological Problems: A Guide for Practitioners 1/e Consulting Editor: Kanwal Gujral 9789352706877
Atlas of Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology 2/e Corazon Yabes-Almirante 9789350256411
Practical Manual of Medical Microbiology (for Medical, Dental and Paramedical Students) 1/e CP Prince 9788184486377
A Guide to Midwifery Students 1/e (Reprint) CP Thresyamma 9788171799190
Operating Room Technique and Anesthesia for General Nursing Course 3/e CP Thresyamma 9788184488371
Sports Medicine 1/e CS Jayaprakash 9788180611193
Diagnosis: A Symptom-based Approach in Internal Medicine 1/e CS Madgaonkar 9789380704753
Family Medicine: A Clinical and Applied Orientation 2/e CS Madgaonkar 9789351529118
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