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Immunology:Basics Concepts and Applications 1/e Y Haribabu 9788180611643
Viva in Anatomy Made Easy 1/e Y Jaya, KS Jayanthi 9788171797899
Clinical Endocrinology and Diabetes Mellitus A Comprehensive Text (2 Vols) 1/e Y Sachdev 9788184483475
Question Bank Manual for Final BDS in Conservative Dentistry And Endodontics 1/e Yadav Chakravarthy 9789350252116
Synopsis of Medical Instruments and Procedures 3/e Yadav, Arora 9788171792900
Ready Reckoner of Adverse Drug Reactions 1/e Yash Paul, Priya Marwah 9789350907245
Hospital Administration Principles and Practice 1/e Yashpal Sharma, RK Sarma, Libert Anil Gomes 9789350907337
Casebook of Midwifery and Obstetrical Nursing 1/e Yasmin Mansoori 9789351529934
Principles of Anesthesia Equipment 1/e Yasodananda K Areti, Bhavani Shankar Kodali 9789351529385
Atlas of Critical Care 1/e Yatin Mehta, Jeetendra Sharma 9789352705016
MCQs in Critical Care 1/e Yatin Mehta, Prashant Kumar 9789352704651
Lessons from the Grand Rounds 2: Options in Rational Management 2/e YK Amdekar,RD Khare,RR Chokhani 9789352703852
Lessons from the Grand Rounds: A Pediatric Approach 2/e YK Amdekar,RD Khare,RR Chokhani 9789352703845
Basics of Clinical Nutrition 2/e YK Joshi 9788184482133
Jaypee's Video Atlas of Vitreo-Retinal Surgery with 12 DVD-ROMs 1/e Yog Raj Sharma, Raj Vanthan Azad 9788184487268
Principles of Clinical Genetics 2/e Yogesh Ashok Sontakke 9789354652509
LOGBOOK Foundation Course for First MBBS Students 1/e Yogesh D 9789389188820
Postgraduate Urology Entrance Review (PGIMER): Fully Solved Question Papers 2015-2001 2/e Yogesh Rameshrao Barapatre 9789385999932
Management of Refractive Errors and Prescription of Spectacles 1/e Yogesh Shukla 9789351528845
Postgraduate Medicine (Recent Advances in Medicine)(Vol 21) 1/e YP Munjal 9788184480375
Dog Feeding and Therapeutic Diet 2/e YPS Dabas 9788171796809
Pharmaceutical Dosage Form Design 1/e YS Tanwar, A Sharma 9789385999857
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