100 Cases in Pulmonary Medicine

Author Authors: Rajendra Prasad, Nikhil Gupta, Co-author: Harsh Saxena

Rs. 1495

These cases are collection of interesting case studies in day-to-day clinical practice of pulmonary medicine in Indian scenario. Each case follows a...

100+ Clinical Cases in Pediatrics

Author R Arvind

Rs. 1750

100+ Clinical Cases in Pediatrics, 5th edition has been thoroughly revised and elaborated. All the possible suggestions, kind remarks from the students and...

101 Cases in Respiratory Medicine

Author Supriya Sarkar

Rs. 1095

101 Chest X-ray Solutions

Author Hariqbal Singh

Rs. 1650

Chest X-ray is the most commonly requisitioned film in any medical establishment; consequently, the approach to understanding and exposure to chest X-rays is...

101 Clinical Cases in Emergency Room

Author Editor: Badar M Zaheer

Rs. 1395

This edition laid out the management of critical emergencies such as STEMI, non-STEMI, and “unstable angina”. With the rapid growth of STEMI centers, the...

101 CT Abdomen Solutions

Author Hariqbal Singh, Yasmeen Khan

Rs. 1495

101 CT Abdomen Solutions, provides a large bank of CT images on abdomen with cases seen in routine practice to more difficult cases of interest. With these...

101 Interesting Cases in Clinical Medicine

Author Azad, Khan Abdul Kalam,Kabir, Ahmedul,Amin, Mohammad Robed

Rs. 1550

The 101 Interesting Cases in Clinical Medicine provides basic knowledge of various clinical problems that are faced by physicians. It analyses appropriate...

101 MRI Brain Solutions

Author Hariqbal Singh, Varsha Rangankar, Santosh Konde

Rs. 2095

101 MRI Brain Solutions provides a large bank of magnetic resonance (MR) images with cases seen in routine practice to more difficult cases of interest. With...

105 IAP Guidelines for Parents and Caregivers

Author Editor-in-Chief: Piyush Gupta, Executive Editor: Deepak Ugra

Rs. 4500

Each guideline is in Q&A format making it very easy for parents to understand. These questions are framed based on the experience of pediatricians, what they...

1500 MCQs Review of Radiology

Author UN Panda

Rs. 250

151 Skin Cases: Diagnosis & Treatment

Author Sanjay Ghosh

Rs. 1595

1st MBBS Explorer

Author Indranil Banerjee

Rs. 250

This book not only distinguishes the ‘nice to know’ facts from the ‘must know’ facts, but is also an attempt to provide a sense of confidence to the readers in...

25 Nobel Laureates in Neurosciences

Author Editor: Kalyan B Bhattacharyya

Rs. 995

The book has been written not only to complete the list of Nobel Laureates, but to show their work for the understanding of clinicians.

300 Single Best Answers for the Final FRCR Part A

Author Chaitanya Gupta

Rs. 2750

50 Cases in Clinical Cardiology: A Problem Solving Approach

Author Atul Luthra

Rs. 1895

50 Cases in Clinical Cardiology: A Problem Solving Approach, a compilation of real-world situations in clinical cardiology.

A Case Oriented Approach Towards Biochemistry

Author Editors: Namrata Chhabra ,Sahil Chhabra

Rs. 2195

The revised edition contains illustrations of three hundred clinical cases. Each case has been carefully designed and described with a logical coverage of the...

A Century of Progress in Head and Neck Cancer

Author Jatin P Shah, Dennis Kraus, Ashok Shaha

Rs. 10995

Cancer of the Head and Neck has been a major challenge to the medical profession. In recent years, great advances in translational research have led to new...

A Color Atlas of Minimal Access Surgery in Children (with CD-ROM)

Author Sanjay Oak, Sandesh V Parelkar, Prakash Agarwal

Rs. 9995

A Colour Atlas of Pediatric Laparoscopic Surgery

Author Sanjay Oak, Sandesh V Parelkar, Prakash Agarwal

Rs. 14995

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