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Disease Outbreak Management: Hospital Administrator's Perspective

Author Shakti Kumar Gupta, Sunil Kant, Jitendra Kumar Sharma

Rs. 475

Financial Management for Hospital Administration

Author GR Kulkarni, P Satyashankar, Libert Anil Gomes

Rs. 1025

Health Care Management Advisor

Author GD Mogli

Rs. 775

This book Health Care Management Advisor is useful for planning a new hospital to meet the needs of the patient in the current-day situation, and also for...

Health Economics for Hospital Management

Author Shuvendu Bikash Dutta

Rs. 725

Economics is concerned with the alternative use of resources; and, when it is applied in health, we are concerned with how efficiently we can utilize our 3M...

Health Records Paper To Paperless

Author GD Mogli

Rs. 1495

The book on Health Records: Paper to Paperless is written with the objective to serve the people who are concerned with the direct and indirect patient care,...

Healthcare-associated Infection Control and Biocides

Author Najat Rashid, Ramnik Sood

Rs. 7895

The book outlines all common and rare procedures that are conducted in healthcare facilities and also gives the related healthcare associated infections issues...

Hospital Administration

Author CM Francis,Mario C de Souza

Rs. 575

This edition is an attempt by the authors to significantly improve on the previous editions and also focus on the educational needs of students of hospital...

Hospital Administration Principles and Practice

Author Yashpal Sharma, RK Sarma, Libert Anil Gomes

Rs. 1350

It is a comprehensive book on the subject of hospital administration which is bound to attract a lot of attention from various health care organizations and...

Hospital Administration: A Ready Reference

Author Miral Garala

Rs. 675

Hospital Infection Control Guidelines: Principles and Practice

Author Shakti Kumar Gupta, Sanjeev Singh, Sunil Kant

Rs. 1250

Hospital Sterilization

Author Prem Anand Nagaraj

Rs. 1850

Hospital Stores Management: An integrated Approach

Author Shakti Gupta, Sunil Kant

Rs. 2095

Latest in Healthcare Management

Author Pradeep Bhardwaj

Rs. 1250

Latest in Healthcare Management covers the latest topics of healthcare including Entrepreneurship, Quality Management, National Accreditation Board for...

Managing Patient Centered Care: The Art of Finding and Keeping Loyal Patients

Author Seema Mehta

Rs. 550

Through the patient’s eyes, the book provides insights into how hospital, can become more patient-centered by measuring, and improving the experience of care....

MCQs in Management and Hospital Administration

Author Shakti Kumar Gupta, Sunil Kant, Prashant Ramgopal

Rs. 1850

Modern Trends in Planning and Designing of Hospitals Principles and Practice

Author Shakti Kumar Gupta, Sunil Kant

Rs. 7695

Opportunities in Hospital & Health Care Administration

Author Pradeep Bhardwaj

Rs. 525

Patient Care Research

Author GD Mogli

Rs. 1025

Prehospital Life Support Manual

Author Kundan Mittal

Rs. 795

Principles of Hospital Administration and Planning

Author BM Sakharkar

Rs. 1350

Quality System Implementation in Health Care Establishments

Author Karun Dev Sharma

Rs. 450

Quality in health care is a relatively new concept in India, more so in the government set up. Private health care establishments have been undergoing quality...

Reality of Hospital Administration

Author D Rambabu

Rs. 775

With the increasing demand for hospitals, the healthcare industry has become one of the prime industries for capital investment in India. In 1980s, there were...

Step by Step Hospital Designing and Planning

Author Sangeet Sharma

Rs. 1095

Step by Step Quality Hospital Care

Author Farooq Jan

Rs. 1150

This book has been written for doctors in general and postgraduates of Hospital and Health Administration and Hospital Managers in particular. Emphasis has...

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