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AIDS and Oral Health

Author NS Yadav, Rupam Sinha

Rs. 1125

This book is compiled with the basic concepts on HIV and AIDS.

Approach to Clinical Dentistry

Author Ashwani Bansal

Rs. 450

Child Management in Clinical Dentistry

Author Ashwin Jawdekar

Rs. 1150

Clinical Diagnosis in Oral Medicine: A Case-based Approach

Author SR Prabhu

Rs. 1150

The primary purpose of this book is to integrate formal theory with real clinical situations in oral medicine and also to instill a sense of critical thinking...

Clinical Manual for Oral Medicine and Radiology

Author Ravikiran Ongole, Praveen BN

Rs. 850

Common Mnemonics for BDS Final Year

Author Kriti Gupta

Rs. 350

Companion for 1st BDS

Author Singi Yatiraj, Himanika Bahuguna, Shruti Somani

Rs. 395

This book has all the ingredients for success in the university examination. It has the original questions of the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences...

Comprehensive Medicine for Dental Students: From Theory to Clinics in One Book

Author Archith Boloor, Mohammad Shaheen

Rs. 950

The book is an attempt to patch up all the gaps that we thought existed. A lot of the material in this book fits into the “Must Know” category, but we have...

Dentin Hypersensitivity in Clinical Practice

Author David Gillam,Bryar Koyi

Rs. 7880

Dentin hypersensitivity is difficult to manage due to the variety of its causes. With a range of treatment options available, but with none more widely...

Essentials in Medicine for Dental Students

Author K Subhaschandra Shetty

Rs. 850

Essentials of Medicine for Dental Students

Author Anil K Tripathi, Kamal K Sawlani

Rs. 950

Our aim has been to provide the subject material in clear, simple, concise, and affable manner, which is beneficial to students and practitioners alike. We...

Essentials of Oral Medicine

Author Gautam Srivastava

Rs. 2150

Essentials of Oral Medicine

Author Freny Rashmiraj Karjodkar

Rs. 1795

Essentials of Oral Medicine by Dr Freny Rashmiraj Karjodkar is a clinically comprehensive, well-illustrated and concise textbook covering all aspects of...

Exam Preparatory Manual for Undergraduates Oral Medicine and Radiology

Author Anbarasi, K

Rs. 695

This radiology annexure aims to create an interest in dental radiology. The work focuses on normal anatomy and interpretation of most common dental diseases...

Manual of Salivary Gland Diseases

Author B Sivapathasundharam

Rs. 1750

Incidences of salivary gland diseases are relatively higher than we expect in practice. Understanding of salivary gland pathology is still not concluded, since...

MCQs in General Medicine for Dental Students: A System-Based Approach with Dental Management Considerations

Author SR Prabhu

Rs. 595

Multiple choice questions (MCQs) have become one of the common methods of assessment of student knowledge in health sciences education including dentistry....

MCQs in Oral Medicine and Oral Radiology

Author Kamala G Pillai

Rs. 595

Oral and Maxillofacial Imaging Techniques

Author Shivlal M Rawlani, Shobha S Rawlani

Rs. 1150

The book provides the basic knowledge of oral and maxillofacial imaging techniques used in dentistry, which is important for every student of dental and...

Oral Medicine

Author Satish Chandra, Shaleen Chandra, Girish Chandra, Kamala R

Rs. 1795

Oral Medicine and Pathology: A Guide to Diagnosis and Management

Author Saman Warnakulasuriya, WM Tilakaratne

Rs. 3350

Oral Medicine and Pathology: A Guide to Diagnosis and Management is aimed at postgraduate students, specialist trainees, interns and all practitioners treating...

Principles of Drug Therapy in Dentistry

Author Hussain Ali

Rs. 595

Raffle Dental Series: General Medicine

Author Naeem Ahmed, Amber Panthi

Rs. 108

Sure Success in BDS IV year (Volume-I)

Author Ajay Chouksey, Ankita Parihar, Anand Patil

Rs. 895

Sure Success in Oral Medicine

Author Vardharaj Venkat Ramaiah

Rs. 1050

Textbook of Forensic Odontology

Author Nitul Jain

Rs. 2195

Textbook of Forensic Odontology, in its first edition, has been tailored to make the subject interesting and easy-to-understand for undergraduates and has also...

Textbook of Medical Dentistry

Author Hari Vishnu Pophale

Rs. 1875

Textbook of Oral Medicine

Author Promod K Dayal

Rs. 850

Textbook of Oral Medicine

Author Pramod John R

Rs. 1350

This book titled, Textbook of Oral Medicine, has been written by keeping the needs of the undergraduate and postgraduate students in mind. Compared to the...

Textbook of Oral Medicine (With Free Book on Basic Oral Radiology)

Author Anil Govindrao Ghom, Savita Anil Ghom (Lodam)

Rs. 2095

The book has been greatly revised to ensure that it will continue to be an important source of information. It is structure to begin with the earliest contact...

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