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A Textbook of Public Health Dentistry

Author CM Marya

Rs. 1350

Clinical Manual for Public Health Dentistry and Practical Record Book

Author DP Narayan

Rs. 895

• First time clinical manual for Public Health Dentistry along with Practical Record Book for maintaining detailed reports of every visit.

• Written...

Essentials of Public Health Dentistry

Author Charu Mohan Marya

Rs. 1550

The book is divided into six sections, Section 1-Introduction to Dentistry, Section 2-Public Health, Section 3-Dental Public Health, Section 4-Preventive...

Fluoride and Fluorosis (A Research Review)

Author Ashish Sharma

Rs. 1050

This book is a research review and compilation of authentic facts regarding dental and skeletal fluorosis. It also throws light on what is fluorosis actually,...

Principles and Practice of Public Health Dentistry

Author Madhusudan Krishna, Pralhad L Dasar

Rs. 1795

Sure Success in BDS IV year (Volume-I)

Author Ajay Chouksey, Ankita Parihar, Anand Patil

Rs. 895

Sure Success in Publich Health Dentistry

Author Vardharaj Venkat Ramaiah

Rs. 1125

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