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A Case Oriented Approach Towards Biochemistry

Author Editors: Namrata Chhabra ,Sahil Chhabra


The revised edition contains illustrations of three hundred clinical cases. Each case has been carefully designed and described with a logical coverage of the...

A Complete Guide to DNB - CET (2011 - 2000): Fully explanatory with references from latest edition

Author Ashfaq Ul Hassan


The DNB examinations are now seen as a reliable source for attaining higher qualifications and from a mere simple Exam has transformed into a high level...

A Complete Workbook on Clinical Biochemistry

Author VP Acharya, PK Mohanty


An Easy Guide for Practical Biochemistry

Author Sowbhagya Lakshmi,Divya Shanthi D’Sa


The principle of this book is mainly to give a comprehensive glimpse on case studies and charts to understand biochemical basis of disorders, to correlate and...

Biochemistry (As per revised MCI curriculum)

Author Pankaja Naik


The Medical Council of India (MCI) has revised the syllabus for the bachelor's degree program in medicine. In this edition, new topics relevant in the current...

Biochemistry for Physiotherapy and Allied Health Sciences Students

Author Beena B Shetty, Nandini M, Vinitha Ramanath Pai


Biochemistry for Students

Author VK Malhotra


Biochemistry Laboratory Manual for MBBS ( I and II)

Author Arti S Pandey, Arun Pandey, Naveen K Shreevastava, Durga P Neupane


Biochemistry Laboratory Manual for MBBS (I and II) is an attempt by the Department of Biochemistry, Kathmandu Medical College (Basic Sciences), Duwakot,...

Biochemistry Solved Question Papers

Author Singi Yatiraj


• The questions are arranged in chapterwise format

• Under each chapter, they are further subclassed in Long Essays, Short Essays and Short...

Biotechnology Foundation Courses

Author Ananth R Rao


Clinical Chemistry

Author MN Chatterjea


Clinical Chemistry Made Easy With Photo CD-ROM

Author DM Vasudevan


Competency-based Comprehensive Manual of Practical and Clinical Biochemistry (As per Revised NMC Curriculum)

Author Ashish Sharma, Anita Sharma


After the initiative of World Federation for Medical Education (WFME), it is recommended that Competency-based Medical Education (CBME) should be an integral...

Early Clinical Exposure: A Case Based Approach in Clinical Biochemistry

Author Anita Chalak (Kale), Priti Puppalwar, Yogesh Pawade


Early Clinical Exposure: A Case Based Approach in Clinical Biochemistry will help bridge the gap in learning and will make the students understand the...

Electrophoresis & Immunofixation

Author Ramnik Sood, Najat Rashid


Electrophoresis is a superspecialized field and requires utmost care and precision in methodology and deep understanding for interpreting the results. The...

Essential of Bio Medical Research Methodology

Author Ranjan Das, PN Das


Essentials of Biochemistry

Author Pankaja Naik


Essentials of Biochemistry (for Medical Students)

Author Shivananda Nayak B


The presentation is simple, lucid, concise and easily reproducible with all chapters thoroughly revised and updated. Diagram-based explanation and...

Essentials of Biochemistry for BDS and Allied Life Sciences Students

Author Purvi Purohit


The whole manuscript has been categorized into seven sections with the first six sections addressing the theory part of biochemistry and the last section deals...

Essentials of Practical Biochemistry

Author Prem Prakash Gupta,Neelu Gupta


The present textbook on Essentials of Practical Biochemistry has been prepared in user-friendly manner according to the requirements of medical, dental and...

GENOSYS–Exam Preparatory Manual for Undergraduates—Biochemistry

Author Neethu Lakshmi N, Aiswarya S Lal, Nikhila K, Divya JS, Nimisha PM


The first year of MBBS has become an increasingly tough year. As we experienced ourselves with anatomy, physiology and biochemistry covered during first year,...

Handbook of Biochemistry Spotting

Author Namrata Chhabra, Sahil Chhabra


The first well-written book about medical biochemistry based on the pattern of objective-structured practical examination (OSPE). Objective-structured...

Illustrated Medical Biochemistry

Author SM Raju, Bindu Raju


Laboratory Manual for Practical Biochemistry

Author Shivaraja Shankara YM, Ganesh MK, Shivashankara AR


Biochemistry is a rapidly advancing subject with latest developments in the areas such as molecular diagnostics, automation of laboratory procedures, thrust...

Last Minute Revision: Biochemistry

Author Saumya Shukla, Anurag Shukla


Manipal Manual of Clinical Biochemistry

Author Shivananda Nayak B


Manual of Practical Medical Biochemistry

Author Evangeline Jones


Manual of Practical Medical Biochemistry has been updated keeping in line with the guidelines and maintaining a clear focus of teaching the first-year medical...

MCQs in Biochemistry for Medical Students

Author Arti S Pandey


This book aims to enhance learning of biochemical concepts utilizing an analytical approach. Analysing the various choices of answers to a question and...

MCQs in Biochemistry with Explanation

Author Takkella Nagamma


With many MCQ textbooks in biochemistry on the shelves of the book stores in todays’ competitive market, it’s a challenge to publish another new one in this...

MCQs in Biomechanics and Applied Anatomy

Author B Arun, G Thilagavathi, C Sasiganesh


Medical Biochemistry

Author DS Sheriff


Medical Biochemistry

Author AR Aroor


Medical Biochemistry for Physiotherapy Students

Author Harpreet Kaur, Jagmohan Singh


Mnemonics in Biochemistry

Author Wilma Delphine Silvia CR, Ravish H


Mnemonics included in this book have been collected from various sources as well as synthesized by the authors.

Multiple Choice Questions in Biochemistry

Author RC Gupta


Nutrition and Biochemistry For Nurses

Author Jacob Anthikad


The findings of the UNICEF-2012 and Nutrition Survey-2011 have been highlighted in India’s nutritional problems. Due importance has been accorded to the...

Practical Biochemistry

Author Geetha Damodaran K


In this edition, most of the diagrammatic figures are replaced by real images in Qualitative Analysis and Spotters sections. This will definitely impart a...

Practical Biochemistry (With Clinical Correlation According to New Competency-Based Curriculum)

Author Nita Sahi


The logbook has been designed as per the guidelines of competency-based curriculum for Phase I MBBS students in the subject of Biochemistry. Students are...

Practical Biochemistry for Students

Author VK Malhotra


Practical Clinical Biochemistry

Author Shruti Mohanty, Aparna Verma


This book Practical Clinical Biochemistry is an endeavor to correlate Biochemistry with clinical cases and bridge the gap between basic science and clinical...

Practical Clinical Biochemistry: Methods and Interpretations

Author Ranjna Chawla


The book has been revised with addition of topics as per latest Medical Council of India (MCI) guidelines for undergraduate curriculum. Additional chapters...

Practical Textbook of Biochemistry for Medical Students

Author DM Vasudevan, Subir Kumar Das


This book is in resonance with the Textbook of Biochemistry for Medical Students, by Vasudevan, which is now in the 9th edition. It is prepared after...

Quick Review of Biochemistry for Undergraduates—Questions and Answers

Author Krishnananda Prabhu, Jeevan K Shetty


This book is specifically designed for a quick revision prior to examinations. Emphasis has been on examination-oriented topics and clinical applications,...

Self Assessment & Review J& K Board of Professional Entrance Examinations (JK BOPEE) 2012

Author Ashfaq Ul Hassan


The book has been carefully compiled after taking into account the Latest Trends of JKBOPEE which are nonspecific and not fully in line with the high standards...

Self Assessment and Review of Biochemistry

Author Rebecca James Perumcheril


This is a concept-oriented book where you learn biochemistry and its applications. This is made in a review book style to enable you to answer questions with...

Simplified Practical Manual of Biochemistry

Author Javin Bishnu Gogoi


Introduction of few new chapters as per competency-based medical education (CBME) has made it more informative and user friendly. The whole book has been...

Student’s Biochemistry: Important Solved Questions with Clinical Cases (All India)

Author Veena Shripad Hatolkar


This book offers an opportunity to the students to understand the answers from examination point of view. In concise and easy language, various aspects of...

Textbook of Biochemistry for Medical Students

Author DM Vasudevan, Sreekumari S, Kannan Vaidyanathan


This book contains 6 sections. The first section covers the chemical basis of life, where molecules found in the human body are introduced to the students. The...

Textbook of Medical Biochemistry

Author MN Chatterjea, Rana Shinde


The overall objective of the book has been to provide concise yet authoritative coverage on the basics of Biochemistry with clinical approach to understand the...

Viva in Biochemistry

Author VK Malhotra


Viva in Biochemistry

Author MN Chatterjea


Viva Voce in Biochemistry

Author s Kavitha


This book is divided into chapters according to standard textbooks. Chapters on clinical chemistry, cancer biology and endocrinology are also included....

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