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Andrology laboratory Manual

Author Kamini A Rao, Ashok Agarwal, MS Srinivas

Rs. 7250

Biochemistry Laboratory Manual for MBBS ( I and II)

Author Arti S Pandey, Arun Pandey, Naveen K Shreevastava, Durga P Neupane

Rs. 450

Biochemistry Laboratory Manual for MBBS (I and II) is an attempt by the Department of Biochemistry, Kathmandu Medical College (Basic Sciences), Duwakot,...

Concise Book of Medical Laboratory Technology Methods and Interpretations

Author Ramnik Sood

Rs. 1295

The Concise Book of Medical Laboratory Technology: Methods and Interpretations. The book essentially covers everything presented in MLT-6 but in an...

Laboratory Biosecurity: Balancing Risks, Threats and Progress

Author Najat Rashid, Ramnik Sood

Rs. 1695

How best to train and evaluate the staff employed in BSL-1 to BSL-4 facilities? What are the technical aspects of biosecure laboratories? What laboratory...

Laboratory Procedures in Haematology

Author SR Mehdi

Rs. 395

Manual of Laboratory Safety (Chemical, Radioactive, and Biosafety with Biocides)

Author Najat Rashid, Ramnik Sood

Rs. 4195

This textbook will serve as an ideal partner/companion and tool to make your workplace namely, the laboratory, as the safest place (whether you run a...

Manual of Medical Laboratory Techniques

Author S Ramakrishnan

Rs. 1295

Mechanical Ventilation Made Easy (with CD-ROM)

Author S Ahanatha Pillai

Rs. 1895

Noninvasive Ventilation Made Easy (with DVD-Rom)

Author Mukesh Kumar Agarwal

Rs. 1250

Textbook of Medical Laboratory Technology

Author Ramnik Sood

Rs. 2150

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