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100 Cases in Pulmonary Medicine

Author Authors: Rajendra Prasad, Nikhil Gupta, Co-author: Harsh Saxena

Rs. 1595

These cases are collection of interesting case studies in day-to-day clinical practice of pulmonary medicine in Indian scenario. Each case follows a...

101 Cases in Respiratory Medicine

Author Supriya Sarkar

Rs. 1150

101 Clinical Cases in Emergency Room

Author Editor: Badar M Zaheer

Rs. 1495

This edition laid out the management of critical emergencies such as STEMI, non-STEMI, and “unstable angina”. With the rapid growth of STEMI centers, the...

101 Interesting Cases in Clinical Medicine

Author Azad, Khan Abdul Kalam,Kabir, Ahmedul,Amin, Mohammad Robed

Rs. 1650

The 101 Interesting Cases in Clinical Medicine provides basic knowledge of various clinical problems that are faced by physicians. It analyses appropriate...

300 Single Best Answers for the Final FRCR Part A

Author Chaitanya Gupta

Rs. 2895

A Complete Guide to DNB - CET (2011 - 2000): Fully explanatory with references from latest edition

Author Ashfaq Ul Hassan

Rs. 1095

The DNB examinations are now seen as a reliable source for attaining higher qualifications and from a mere simple Exam has transformed into a high level...

A Comprehensive Clinical Research Manual

Author Samir Malhotra, Nustar Shafiq, Promila Pandhi

Rs. 2550

A Handbook of Emergencies

Author Aspi F Golwalla,Sharukh A Golwalla

Rs. 750

This widely appreciated pocket book is a must for both the family physicians and even senior medical students both undergraduates and postgraduates. Though...

A Practical Guide to Diabetes Mellitus

Author Nihal Thomas,Nitin Kapoor,Jachin Velavan,Senthil Vasan K

Rs. 2895

A Practical Guide to Oxygen Therapy

Author SK Jindal, Ritesh Agarwal

Rs. 1695

All the chapters in this book are written and revised by distinguished pulmonary and critical care physicians who are actively engaged with administration of...

A Ready Reckoner for Vaccinations

Author Swati S Bhave, A Parthasarathy, Sangeeta Yadav

Rs. 695

A Review of Preventive and Social Medicine

Author Chandrakant Lahariya

Rs. 850

A Rheumatologist’s Guide to Interpreting Imaging in Spondyloarthritis

Author Authors: Ashish Sharma, Vivek Arya, Abhinetri KSV

Rs. 1795

This book is meant for the practicing rheumatologist. It will also be useful for postgraduate students and internists with an interest in Rheumatology. It...

A-Z Encyclopedia on Male and Female Infertility

Author Sulochana Gunasheela

Rs. 4250


Author Archith Boloor

Rs. 525

This book is concise yet comprehensive, providing all that is needed in a very simple and stepwise manner. Good quality ECG pictures and practice examples are...

ABC of Medicine (with Mnemonics)

Author Aspi F Golwalla, Sharukh A Golwalla

Rs. 475

The text has been updated with additional contents. The contents include all the Chapters system wise as well as a miscellaneous Chapter to make it all...

ABC of Research Methodology and Applied Biostatistics

Author MN Parikh, Nithya Gogtay

Rs. 1150

AC’s Introduction to Clinical Medicine (For MBBS I and II)

Author Anup Chalise

Rs. 895

This book also covers one of the debated topics of problem-based learning. The book would be an easier experience for students and teachers alike.

Adult Immunization

Author A Muruganathan, Dilip Mathai, SK Sharma, Milind Y Nadkar, YP Munjal

Rs. 2895

This edition includes standardized content and flow of each chapter stressing on the disease epidemiology, vaccine indications, and global scenario of the...

Adult Immunization in Office Practice

Author Editors: Tushar P Shah, Abhay K Shah

Rs. 1295

There is a paradigm shift regarding the importance and life-saving potential of vaccines and immunization beyond childhood. COVID-19 pandemic has created a...

Advances in Diabetes Management: A Case Compendium

Author Unnikrishnan AG, Sanjay Agarwal, Shailaja Kale, Mohan Magdum, R Kiwalkar, Suhas Erande, Anjali A Bhatt

Rs. 2395

Recognizing the vast expanse of the therapeutic paradigm in diabetes, we sought to bring out this clinical case compendium, which essentially attempts to use...

Advances in Diabetes: Novel Insights

Author GR Sridhar

Rs. 2095

Alagappan’s Clinical Medicine for Dental Students

Author R Alagappan, Priya Verma Gupta

Rs. 1150

Every section starts with a chapter on assessment for better understanding of medicine with in-depth practical knowledge. The revised third edition has also...

Alternative Therapies for Medical Professionals

Author Vishnu Vignesvaran

Rs. 1295

An Insider’s Guide to Cases in Clinical Medicine (Long and Short Cases)

Author Chief Editor: Archith Boloor,Co-Editors: Nikhil Kenny Thomas, Raghavendra BS, Anudeep Padakanti, Vivek K Koushik,Madhav H Hande, Shyam D Ganvir

Rs. 795

Not only is the book a haven for exam-oriented preparationists, it also has the important facts and figures that will help you get an extra edge on any sort of...

An Insider’s Guide to Clinical Medicine

Author Archith Boloor, Anudeep Padakanti

Rs. 1095

In the second edition, font sizes, color and page breaks have been adjusted to make reading easier. Detailed section on history-taking has been added. The...

Andrology laboratory Manual

Author Kamini A Rao, Ashok Agarwal, MS Srinivas

Rs. 7650

Antibiotic Essentials

Author Cheston B. Cunha, Burke A. Cunha

Rs. 2195

The new edition of this highly successful annual pocket guide presents clinicians with the most recent information in the field of antimicrobial therapy and...

API Manual of Medicine

Author Editor-in-Chief: Sandhya A Kamath

Rs. 1195

The goal of this handbook or companion book is to provide students and residents a practical and systematic framework or a “how-to” and “hands-on” focus for...

API Textbook of Medicine (2 Volumes)

Author Editor-in-Chief: Sandhya A Kamath, Executive Editor: Late Siddharth N Shah, Emeritus Editor: Yash Pal Munjal, Editor: Milind Y Nadkar

Rs. 5795

The API Textbook of Medicine was first published in 1969. For more than 50 years, the Association of Physicians of India (API) has been regularly publishing...

Applied Geriatric Anesthesia

Author Ved Prakash Kumra

Rs. 1895

Approach to Clinical Endocrinology through Selected Cases

Author Editors: Chandar Mohan Batra, Pramila Kalra

Rs. 1395

This book is a must for all students of endocrinology, undergraduate, postgraduate, or post-doctoral. The book has 21 chapters covering Pituitary, Thyroid,...

Approach to Geriatric Neuropsychiatric Problems

Author Subrata Banerjee

Rs. 950

Asthma in Children

Author Meenu Singh

Rs. 795

Atlas of Fiberoptic Bronchoscopy

Author Rajendra Prasad

Rs. 8250

This book was written with the aim of defining an approach to the diagnosis of common pulmonary diseases based on abnormal bronchoscopic findings. The text...

Atlas of Growth and Endocrine Disorders in Children

Author Prisca Colaco

Rs. 2795

Bedside Medicine Without Tears

Author SN Chugh

Rs. 1295

Beyond Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Author Editor: Vishal Gupta

Rs. 4195

The book addresses the divide between hyperglycemia and diabetes, newer glycemic concepts of “time in range”, molecular mechanisms behind insulin resistance,...

Biomedical Ethics Perspectives in the Indian Context (Vol. 1)

Author Editors: Roli Mathur, Vasantha Muthuswamy, Nandini K Kumar

Rs. 795

The book is an endeavor to understand and tackle various ethical dilemmas arising in medical research and practice, and to guide the conduct and review of...

Bronchoscopy in ICU: A Practical Guide

Author Editor-in-Chief: Manoj K Goel,Associate Editors: Ajay Kumar,Gargi Maitra

Rs. 3695

This book provides a state of art detailed descriptions of all basic bronchoscopic procedures enabling beginners and experienced to review all fundamental...

Cardiac Biomarkers: Expert Advice for Clinicians

Author Alan S Maisel

Rs. 5550

Case Based Reviews in Pediatric Endocrinology

Author Vandana Jain, Ram K Menon

Rs. 2650

Case Compendium in Endocrinology

Author Romesh Khardori, Sarita Bajaj, Smita Gupta

Rs. 2350

This book have case histories along with relevant data from physical examination and investigative studies. Differential diagnosis has been constructed around...

Case History and Data Interpretation in Medical Practice

Author ABM Abdullah

Rs. 1495

Medicine is an enormously expanding subject with no leaps and bounds. This new edition is designed with presentation of many common and uncommon medical...

Case Studies in Diabetic Foot

Author Ghanshyam Goyal

Rs. 2150

The case studies described in this book will make it clear in the mind of the treating clinician that treating a diabetic foot is at times simple and at times...

Case Studies in Diabetology & Endocrinology

Author Editors: Sanjay Chatterjee

Rs. 1595

Every practising physician comes across at least once in his lifetime one patient on whom he can make an original scientific contribution. This is something...

Case Studies in Internal Medicine

Author Atul Kakar, Atul Gogia

Rs. 1150

There are many books on Internal Medicine, but not many have a case–based teaching approach.

Theoretical knowledge and factual information do add to...

Cases in Nephrology

Author Editor: Muhammad Rafiqul Alam

Rs. 1050

“Cases in Nephrology” is the compilation of the real-life clinical cases presented in the nephrology seminar room of the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical...

Classification of Drugs including Dosages

Author Narinder Dev

Rs. 375

Clinical Allergy

Author Editor: Rajendra Prasad, Associate Editors: VK Jain, Nikhil Gupta

Rs. 3995

This textbook consists of 54 chapters, which practically cover all the aspects of allergy ranging from epidemiology, varying presentation of allergy,...

Clinical Approach and Management Strategies of Medical Ailments in Women: Oorja- The Power of Her

Author Chief Editor: Shibba Takkar Chhabra, Co-Editors: Aastha Takkar Kapila, Anubha Rathi

Rs. 2095

The title of the book “The Oorja” (Clinical Approach and Management Strategies of Medical Ailments in Women Oorja—The Power of Her) speaks of the empowered...

Clinical Approach to Renal Diseases in Diabetes

Author T Dhinakaran

Rs. 4995

Clinical Approach to Renal Diseases in Diabetes looks into its magnitude, presentation, course and clinical aspects of diagnosis and therapy. The book is aimed...

Clinical Atlas in Endocrinology & Diabetes: A Case-based Compendium

Author Editors: Nihal Thomas, Felix Jebasingh K, Mathews Edatharayil Kurian

Rs. 4795

With both a stellar national and indeed international reputation, the Department of Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism has put together a beautifully...

Clinical Atlas of Diabetes Mellitus

Author Arturo R Rolla,Sanjay Agarwal

Rs. 4495

The Clinical Atlas of Diabetes Mellitus is a must read book created with the idea of what is important for the physicians who take care of patients with...

Clinical Cases and Pearls in Medicine

Author GS Sainani (Hon Brigadier)

Rs. 1795

The origin of this book is based on the students behavioral patterns and their increased nervousness during practical examination. The percentage of success...

Clinical Cases in Endocrinology

Author Pramila Kalra

Rs. 1495

Overall the Clinical Cases in Endocrinology is a fresh and scientific approach to endocrine cases as endocrinology should be practiced. The book will be of...

Clinical Examination: A Practical Guide in Medicine

Author Harmanjit Singh Hira

Rs. 1295

Clinical Focus Series Bone and Mineral Disorders

Author Series Editor: Romesh K Khardori,Editor: Subhash C Kukreja,Associate Editor: Sanjay K Bhadada

Rs. 1995

This is the latest in the well accepted and appreciated “Clincial Focus Series”. The book will provide a strong basis for basic understanding of bone and...

Clinical Focus Series Interstitial Lung Disease

Author Om P Sharma

Rs. 3750

Clinical Focus Series Tuberculosis Selected Problems

Author Editors: Violeta V Mihailovic Vucinic,Dragana M Jovanovic

Rs. 1750

The book on selected problems in TB tends to elucidate special clinical approach to this global health problem. Dealing from the epidemiology of TB infection...

Clinical Focus Series: Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis

Author Om P Sharma

Rs. 1850

Clinical Focus Series' Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis opens with a brief historical account, followed by descriptions of epidemiologic, radiologic,...

Clinical Focus Series: Lesions of Sarcoidosis-A Problem Solving Approach

Author (Late) Om P Sharma, Violeta Mihailovic-Vucinic

Rs. 1795

Sarcoidosis is a multisystem granulomatous disease of unknown cause and unpredictable course. Since the first description of the mysterious skin lesions of...

Clinical Medicine : A Practical Manual for Emergency Medicine and Tropical Diseases

Author BB Rewari

Rs. 1295

In view of the rapid advances in the field of internal medicine every year, this book basically focuses on “emergency and tropical medicine”. Besides the...

Clinical Medicine Made Easy

Author TV Devarajan, L Vijayasundaram

Rs. 895

The intention of bringing out Clinical Medicine Made Easy second edition is to help the undergraduates to get proper guidelines in making a good case record at...

Clinical Medicine: A Textbook of Clinical Methods and Laboratory Investigations

Author Editor-in-Chief: KV Krishna Das, Editors: Mathew Thomas, PK Sasidharan, S Aswini Kumar, R Kasi Visweswaran, C Sudheendra Ghosh, KR Vinaya Kumar

Rs. 1550

All the chapters have been thoroughly re-examined, redundant materials has been trimmed and newer material has been introduced, making this volume up-to-date...

Clinical Methods and Interpretation in Medicine

Author Ashis Kumar Saha

Rs. 1750

• The idea of the book is to give proper, concise, comprehensive and complete picture of all the systems of the body.

• Includes detailed method of...

Clinical Methods in Medicine Clinical Skills and Practices

Author SN Chugh, Eshan Gupta

Rs. 1250

Clinical Methods in Medicine: Clinical Skills and Practices consists of two sections—Section 1: History Taking and Physical Examination (Chapters 1 to 10)...

Clinical Methods in Respiratory Medicine

Author Jyotirmoy Pal,Supriya Sarkar,Sekhar Chakraborty

Rs. 2895

This book covers anatomy, physiology, symptoms, signs, investigations and clinical data analysis in a simple, lucid and easy-to-comprehend fashion. All...

Clinical Pediatrics Respiratory Disorders

Author Gopakumar H, Reeshma Gopakumar

Rs. 1295

Clinical Physiology of Endocrine Disorders

Author Raji Subramanian, Lam Sau Kuen

Rs. 1495

Clinical Simulation in Medicine (For all Examinations in Cardiology, Critical Care, Anesthesia and Pulmonary Medicine)

Author Poonam Malhotra Kapoor, Navin C Nanda, Yatin Mehta, HK Chopra, KK Kapur

Rs. 15695

Clinical Tuberculosis: Diagnosis and Treatment

Author Rajendra Prasad, Nikhil Gupta

Rs. 4250

This book was written with the aim of defining a practical approach to every aspect of tuberculosis. In total there are 50 chapters in the book. Chapters...

Clinical Update Cardio-Diabetes Medicine : Cardiology Obesity Lipids Diabetes

Author Editor-in-Chief: S Arulrhaj

Rs. 1895

This digital update on “Cardio-Diabetes Medicine 2023” is a compendium of the Scientific proceeds of GCDC 2022 at Chennai on 24th and 25th of September...

Clinical Update Thyro-Cardiovascular Medicine

Author Editor-in-Chief: S Arulrhaj, Executive Editors: Mangesh Tiwaskar, R Arulprakash

Rs. 1495

Thyroid has effects on cardiac myocytes, vascular system of the body, lipid levels, cardiovascular system, and other systemic effects including fertility....

Clinical Update: Lifestyle Medicine

Author Editor-in-Chief: S Arulrhaj, Editor: Vivek Chandra

Rs. 595

This Association of Physicians of India (API) Clinical Updates on Lifestyle Medicine is an excellent Compendium of various facets of Lifestyle Diseases, its...

CMC Vellore Handbook of Emergency Medicine

Author KPP Abhilash

Rs. 1150

Through this book an attempt has been made to cover the basics of all the commonly seen medical and surgical conditions in our ED and the emergency management...

Common Mistakes in Clinical Medicine

Author Kashinath Padhiary

Rs. 650

In this edition, few more useful chapters have been added and the text of previous chapters has been revised.
At places, things have been presented in a...

Communication Skills in Clinical Practice

Author KR Sethuraman

Rs. 850

Community Mental Health in India

Author BS Chavan, Niting Gupta, Priti Arun, Ajeet Sidana, Sushrut Jadhav

Rs. 4195

Competency Based Logbook in Respiratory Medicine, DVL and Psychiatry for MBBS Students

Author Nitin Tangri, Priyanka Tangri, Neeru Bhaskar

Rs. 550

This logbook will provide comprehensive record of all the learning activities at one place to be undertaken in Respiratory Medicine, DVL and Psychiatry during...

Complications in Diabetes Mellitus: Bench to Bedside with a focus on Diabetic Kidney Disease

Author Editor: Manoj Chadha

Rs. 595

An attempt has been made in this handbook to sensitize the physicians to think about DKD while managing hyperglycemia and to make an early diagnosis and refer...

Complications of Diabetes

Author Rajeev Chawla

Rs. 1295

Comprehensive Textbook of Allergy: Striking the Right Balance


Rs. 4495

In assembling of this textbook, our aim is to foster a holistic understanding of allergic diseases, integrating basic science principles with clinical...

Comprehensive Textbook of Hepatitis B

Author Mammun-Al-Mahtab

Rs. 6495

Comprehensive Textbook of Sexual Medicine

Author Nilamadhab Kar, Gopal Chandra Kar

Rs. 2095

There is still a long way to go bringing sexual medicine to the remit of common everyday clinical practice. There are issues regarding exploring, assessing...

Computers for Doctors

Author Naveen Thacker

Rs. 1050

Contemporary Management of the Diabetic Foot

Author Sharad Pendsey

Rs. 8950

The publication of Contemporary Management of Diabetic Foot will undoubtly eliminates misconceptions related to management of the diabetic lower limb. The list...

Contemporary Topics In Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

Author Veeraswamy Seshiah

Rs. 4195

The chapters in this book Contemporary Topics in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus are like pearls threaded together. Each topic has important bearing in care of...

Critical Care

Author Narendra Rungta, Rajesh Pande, Manish Munjal, Sudhir Khunteta

Rs. 4750

This book Critical Care would be lucid, readable, emphasize on practical aspects and serve as a basic specialty book on Critical Care in India. Eminent...

Critical Care Medicine: Bench to Bedside

Author Editors: Bikram Kumar Gupta, Syed Moied Ahmed, Rakesh Garg, Suhail Sarwar Siddiqui, Mohd Saif Khan

Rs. 3450

The domain of critical care is gradually expanding its horizon associating many specialties and sub/superspecialties from medicine and surgical fields. The...

Critical Care Update 2017

Author Subhash Todi,Atul P Kulkarni,Kapil Zirpe

Rs. 2095

Cutaneous Manifestations of Diabetes

Author Emilia Noemí Cohen Sabban

Rs. 3695

Dermatopathology of Tropical Diseases

Author Omar P. Sangüeza,Francisco Bravo Puccio,J. Martin Sangüeza Acosta

Rs. 15761

Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease: Evaluation, Prevention, and Manag

Author Nathan D Wong, Shaista Malik

Rs. 4195

Diabetes and Dermatology

Author Editors: Surajit Gorai,Debasis Basu,Assistant Editor: Kinnor Das

Rs. 1895

Skin-related problems in diabetic patients are plenty such as necrobiosis, xerosis, nonhealing ulcers, and many more termed as diabetic dermopathy....

Diabetes and Musculoskeletal Disorders

Author Author: Debasis Basu, Author Assistant: Kiran Bahrus

Rs. 3150

Diabetes and Women’s Health

Author Sarita Bajaj, Rajesh Rajput, Jubbin J Jacob

Rs. 1895

• The title focuses on the various aspects pertaining to diabetes and their management in women.

• Organised into three sections and nineteen...

Diabetes Care in Clinical Practice

Author MMS Ahuja

Rs. 1750

Diabetes in Children and Adolescents

Author RV Jayakumar, Nisha Bhavani, Praveen V Pavithran

Rs. 2350

The prevalence of diabetes mellitus is rapidly increasing throughout the world in general and the Indian subcontinent, in particular, because of the lifestyle...

Diabetes Mellitus- Types, Diagnostics and Therapy: OAD and Insulin Protocols

Author Ravi N Humbarwadi

Rs. 795

This book is for students, trainees as well as the astute clinicians. For doctors studying undergraduate and postgraduate medicine and diabetology, this book...

Diabetes: Clinical Case Series – II

Author Editors: Viswanathan Mohan, Ranjit Unnikrishnan

Rs. 1450

Diabetic Foot Surgical Principles and Practices

Author G Sivakumar

Rs. 3995

Diabetic Foot: A Clinical Atlas

Author Sharad Pendsey

Rs. 9750

Diabetic Foot: A Comprehensive Guide for Clinicians

Author Editors: Felix Jebasingh K, Nihal Thomas

Rs. 2595

This book aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the foot in diabetes and its management from a team of experts. It is recommended to anybody with an...

Diagnostic Evaluation of the Respiratory System

Author Claudio Sorino

Rs. 9750

The book has been divided into four major sections: 1. Respiratory system assessment; 2. Evaluation of respiratory function; 3. Diagnostic imaging; 4. Invasive...

Differential Diagnosis (Medicine, Surgery, Obs/Gynae, Ophth, Paed, Dental)

Author LC Gupta, Abhitabh Gupta, Abhishek Gupta

Rs. 1450

Differential Diagnosis and Medical Therapeutics: A Treatise on Clinical Medicine

Author P Siva Rama Krishna Rao

Rs. 2095

This book is a symptom-oriented guide to clinical medicine for trainees. Comprising 40 chapters and ordered alphabetically, this new edition covers the...

Differential Diagnosis in Clinical Medicine

Author R Deenadayalan

Rs. 750

Differential Diagnosis in Neurology

Author Rajendra B Kenkre

Rs. 2595

Differential Diagnosis in Surgical Diseases

Author S Devaji Rao

Rs. 2595

Difficult Asthma: Clinical Focus Series

Author Liam G Heaney, Andrew Menzies-Gow

Rs. 1850

The purpose of this book is to provide medical students, postgraduate fellows, general practitioners, and specialists a succinct, easy-to-read,...

Difficult Diagnosis and Management of Tuberculosis

Author Tosaddak Ahmed

Rs. 1750

Doshi’s A to Z Series on Syndromes

Author Sachin M Doshi

Rs. 3095

Dr Sunil’s One Page Solutions for General Practice

Author K Sunil Ravinder Paul

Rs. 1995

The third edition contains new chapters and matter has been kept brief and precise to enable readers to get help from the text in a few minutes, as this is a...

Dr. Malhotra’s Series Step by Step® Defence of Doctors

Author Nidhi Gupta, Anurag Gupta, Narendra Malhotra, Jaideep Malhotra

Rs. 1050

This book presents various aspects of the law which govern the action of doctors and how the medical professional service providers should handle the critical...

Drugs in Diabetes

Author Romesh Khardori ,Ved V Gossain

Rs. 1750

With ever-expanding availability of drugs to effectively treat diabetes mellitus, a need was felt to consolidate the armamentarium in a format that would be a...

Drugs in Respiratory Medicine

Author Editors: Jyotirmoy Pal

Rs. 895

This book “Drugs in Respiratory Medicine” dealing with treatment options in various respiratory illnesses. The First Section presents information about...

EFOST Surgical Techniques in Sports Medicine - Elbow Surgery

Author François M Kelberine,Wasim Khan

Rs. 7880

EFOST Surgical Techniques in Sports Medicine - Foot and Ankle Surgery

Author Gian Luigi Canata,Lee Parker

Rs. 7880

EFOST Surgical Techniques in Sports Medicine - Knee Surgery Vol.2: Bone and Cartilage

Author Burt V S Klos,Henrique Jones,François M Kelberine,Wasim Khan

Rs. 7880

EFOST Surgical Techniques in Sports Medicine - Shoulder Surgery, Volume 2: Rotator Cuff and Shoulder Arthroplasty

Author Pericles Papadopoulos,Achilleas Boutsiadis,Howard Cottam

Rs. 9954

Elite Sports and Vision

Author Ajay Kumar Bhootra, Sumitra

Rs. 995

Emergencies in Medical Practice

Author Chief Advisor: Sukumar Mukherjee, Editors: Om Tantia, Ghanshyam Goyal

Rs. 1695

Our aim behind this book is to provide a comprehensive overview of all the common emergencies faced in clinical practice with evidence-based current...

Emergency Medical Service Systems: A Global Perspective

Author Shakti Kumar Gupta, Brig. Sunil Kant, Angel Rajan Singh

Rs. 1695

The book will be a useful guide to the policy makers, administrators, clinicians and other stakeholders related to EMS. It will serve as a reference material...

Emergency Medicine

Author Arjun Mehta, Catherine Culley

Rs. 1050

The second edition of Emergency Medicine has been extensively revised and updated to include essential information about diagnosis, differential diagnosis and...

Emerging and Re-emerging Infectious Diseases

Author Tarun Kumar Dutta, Subhash Chandra Parija, Jamini Kanta Dutta

Rs. 950

The aim of this book is to highlight selected problems with new and old diseases, e.g. transplantation rabies and rabies transmitted by bats, coinfection of...

Endocrine Surgery Made Easy (with Photo CD-ROM)

Author Amit Agarwal

Rs. 3450

Epidemiology Made Easy with CD-ROM

Author Poornima Tiwari, Shashank Tiwari

Rs. 795

Epidemiology of Ocular Trauma

Author B Shukla

Rs. 550

Epidemiology Principles and Practice

Author Susmita Bhattacharya

Rs. 950

ESI Manual of Clinical Endocrinology

Author Sarita Bajaj, GR Sridhar, Sanjay Kalra, Rakesh Sahay, RV Jayakumar, Nikhil Tandon, Nihal Thomas, Anil Bhansali, Ambrish Mithal, AC Ammini, KM Prasanna Kumar, Nalini Shah, Subhankar Chowdhury, Shashank R Joshi

Rs. 8595

All chapters carried over from the first edition have been extensively updated or entirely rewritten. As in the previous edition, the book makes abundant use...

Essence of Clinical Endocrinology

Author Authors: Tofail Ahmed, Tania Tofail

Rs. 1995

There were two different aims during writing this book. One is to make physicians and medical students more accustomed with clinical endocrinology for which...

Essentials of Blood Banking: A Handbook for Students of Blood Banking and Clinical Residents

Author SR Mehdi

Rs. 495

Blood banking has come of age. The transfusion medicine is one of the thrust areas of medical research. The scare of transfusion-transmitted diseases and...

Essentials of Clinical Medicine

Author Samir Kathale

Rs. 2850

Essentials of Community Medicine : A Practical Approach

Author Lalita D Hiremath

Rs. 895

Essentials of Internal Medicine

Author Ardhendu Sinha Ray, Abhisekh Sinha Ray

Rs. 1150

Essentials of Pharmacovigilance

Author Himanshu Baweja

Rs. 1295

Ethical Dilemmas in Perinatal Medicine

Author Joseph G Schenker

Rs. 1495

Exam Preparatory Manual for Undergraduates Medicine

Author Archith Boloor

Rs. 1795

The fourth edition of this compilation has seen qualitative improvements over the previous editions has been aligned to the new CBME curriculum. While the...

Family Medicine: A Clinical and Applied Orientation

Author CS Madgaonkar

Rs. 1595

The purpose of the second edition of Family Medicine: A Clinical and Applied Orientation remains the same as the first edition—to focus on subtle debate on the...

FAQs in Diabetes

Author Rajeev Chawla, Aastha Chawla

Rs. 1595

This book is designed to offer a balanced overview of not only the pathophysiology but also the management of diabetes for both the starters and those seeking...

FAQs in Diabetes, Endocrinology and Diabetology

Author M Saifuddin

Rs. 1495

The book is in question and answer format, very easy and comfortable to read. It incorporates objective structures practical examination (OSPE) and other...

Fluid, Electrolyte, Metabolic and Respiratory Acid-Base Management

Author A Vimala

Rs. 950

Right from the basics of fluid electrolyte abnormalities, fluid therapy, and analysis of pulmonary physiology to the analysis of respiratory acid-base,...

Fundamentals of Diabetes

Author Editor-in-Chief: Kamlakar Tripathi, Editors: Anuj Maheshwari, Narsingh Verma, Brij Mohan, Sarita Bajaj, Associate Editors: Amit N Dwivedi, Richik Tripathi

Rs. 1850

General Practice: An Approach to Differential Diagnosis

Author Editors: Jyotirmoy Pal, Nandini Chatterjee

Rs. 1695

An analytical approach to signs and symptoms with careful consideration of differential diagnosis is very important to find a potential diagnostic clue....

Genetics in Clinical Practice Symptoms, Diagnosis and Therapy

Author Jayesh Sheth, Frenny Sheth

Rs. 1895

This book intends to provide an introduction to clinical genetics that is more up-to-date than the general textbooks on genetics. It assumes the reader to have...

Genital Tuberculosis

Author Gita Ganguli Mukherjee, Satchidananda Tripathy, Sindhu Nandini Tripathy

Rs. 2450

Golwalla’s Medicine for Students

Author Late Aspi F Golwalla,Sharukh A Golwalla,Edited by Milind Y Nadkar

Rs. 2195

The book by no means claims to be a standard textbook but has gained its increasing popularity over the years from the point of view of helping the...

Golwalla’s Medicine for Students (A Reference Book for the Family Physician)

Author Aspi F Golwalla, Sharukh A Golwalla, Edited By: Milind Y Nadkar

Rs. 2050

Gynecologic Dermatology

Author Gudula Kirtschig,Susan M Cooper

Rs. 14931

Handbook of Community Medicine

Author Mangla Subramaniam

Rs. 1195

Handbook of Dermatology Treatments

Author Michael Ardern-Jones,Philip Hampton,Ruth Ann Vleugels

Rs. 5795

Handbook of Emergency Room Protocols

Author Editor-in-Chief – S Arulrhaj, Editors: T Neelambujan, Archana Ambujan, Aarathy Kannan

Rs. 1095

The book’s length and format are designed to allow the students and practitioners to begin to digest the broad range of topics inherent to emergency medicine...

Handbook of Endocrine Protocols

Author Simon Rajaratnam,Anulekha Mary John

Rs. 1495

This book is intended as a quick-reference book for endocrinologists, endocrine trainees and physicians dealing with common endocrine problems. It will be...

Handbook of Focal Therapy for Prostate and Renal Cancer

Author Truls E Bjerklund Johansen,Damien Greene,David J Breen,Vladimir Mouraviev

Rs. 9954

Handbook of Medicine

Author Naresh Kumar Gupta

Rs. 795

Handbook of Pain Management: A Case-based Approach

Author Jitendra Jain

Rs. 850

The Handbook of Pain Management: A Case-based Approach is an excellent attempt to fill the void of incomplete management of pain. This would be very useful in...

Handbook of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

Author Editor-in-Chief: SK Jindal

Rs. 2095

Handbook of Sports Medicine for Children and Adolescents

Author Swati Y Bhave, Dilip R Patel, Donald E Greydanus

Rs. 895

Handbook of Syncope: A Concise Clinical Approach to the Patient

Author Behzad B Pavri

Rs. 1750

This Handbook was borne out of nearly two decades of observing medical students, residents, fellows, and busy clinicians in hospitals, outpatient offices, and...

Handbook of Urinary Stents

Author Noor Buchholz,Oliver Hakenberg,Junaid Masood,Christian Bach

Rs. 9954

Handbook on Adverse Drug Reactions in TB Treatment

Author Author: Rajendra Prasad, Co-author: Nikhil Gupta

Rs. 1295

There are 21 chapters in the handbook. Chapters practically cover all the aspects of adverse drug reactions in tuberculosis treatment ranging from...

Handbook on Clinical Approach to Respiratory Medicine

Author K Surendra Menon, R Pajanivel

Rs. 1550

The art of history taking and proper examination of the patient is almost becoming extinct. This book confines basically to case taking in respiratory medicine...

Handbook on Falciparum Malaria

Author Anupam Sachdeva, Nita Radhakrishnan, Manas Kalra

Rs. 2450

There is a great need for a consolidated book on falciparum malaria for everyone. Handbook on Falciparum Malaria bridges that gap. This will go a long way in...

Handbook on Health Professional Education

Author Shashidhar C Mestri, D Manjunatha

Rs. 895


Author Anupam Sachdeva

Rs. 6500

Hepatic and Biliary Diseases: Anesthesiologists’ Perspective

Author Chandra Kant Pandey

Rs. 1995

Hernia Surgery Simplified

Author Sachin Kuber

Rs. 3150

The aim of the book is to present the latest techniques of hernia surgery prevalent today. All the chapters contain new and relevant, useful techniques of...

HIV/AIDS-Test and Treat

Author Atul Kakar,Samiran Nundy

Rs. 1695

Hotspots in Medicine

Author SK Rajan

Rs. 1050

Hyperglycemia in the Hospital Setting

Author Rajesh Garg, Margo Hudson

Rs. 1795

Hyperglycemia in the Hospital Setting, is a comprehensive and practical source of information on management of glucose in the inpatient setting.

Hypertension Manual

Author Chief Editor: A Muruganathan, Associate Editors: Bidita Khandelwal, Sadanand R Shetty

Rs. 2495

This edition is a comprehensive guide that combines the expertise of experienced authors, revised content, and chapters to present the most up-to-date...

Hypertension: A Case-Based Approach

Author Elizabeth W,DiPette, Donald J

Rs. 2095

It is one of the most practical books to date on the management of hypertension in the community. The book is unique as it employs a case-based format and...

IACM Clinical Medicine Update 2022

Author Editor-in-Chief: KK Pareek

Rs. 1995

The chapters in this book contain all the lectures delivered by reputed faculty members of national repute and experts of their subjects who have applied the...

IDEC Textbook of Obesity and Diabetes

Author Editors: Sanjay Agarwal,Guillermo Umpierrez,Neeta Deshpande,Nitin Kapoor

Rs. 2495

This book comprises several sections covering the epidemiology, pathophysiology, and clinical management of obesity. These have been written by experts in the...

Imaging in Tuberculosis:Clinicopathological Correlation

Author Editors: Rakesh K Gupta

Rs. 2895

This book focuses on the imaging manifestations of tuberculosis and leading experts from across the country have contributed to this effort. The initial...

Immunization in Clinical Practice

Author Naveen Thacker, Nitin K Shah, Abhay K Shah, Alok Gupta

Rs. 1050

The first section deals with basic information that is so vital for successful outcome. The next section includes widely used vaccines, covering relevant...

Improving Diabetes Care in the Clinic

Author Jayendra H Shah

Rs. 2895

Diabetes with its complications has become a multisystem and multifactorial disease. Therefore, it appears that for a physician, knowing diabetes is like...

Incretin Based Therapies

Author Sanjay Kalra, Rakesh Sahay, Ambika G Unnikrishnan

Rs. 2095

Multiple pharmacotherapeutic agents are now used in diabetology practice. The sheer scale of the permutations and combinations sometimes leaves practitioners...

Infections of the Gastrointestinal System

Author Chetana Vaishnavi

Rs. 8695

Infections of the Gastrointestinal System is a unique presentation with experts in respective field contributing to various chapters of this multidisciplinary...

Infectious Diseases in Children and Newer Vaccines

Author Tapan Ghosh

Rs. 1450

Insulin Therapy Made Easy

Author Editor: Sanjay Kalra, Co-Editor: Binayak Sinha

Rs. 1450

This book describes the basic and clinical pharmacology of insulin and explains the practical aspects of insulin use. The reader-friendly format of this book...

Insulin Therapy: Current Concepts

Author Ambrish Mithal, Ganesh Jevalikar, Pankaj Shah

Rs. 2295

Diabetes mellitus is one of the commonest chronic disorders worldwide. This book is an attempt to provide practical guidance for using insulin, at the same...

Interesting Clinical Cases in Medicine

Author KK Pareek, Girish Mathur

Rs. 1595

The idea behind bringing out this book “Interesting Clinical Cases in Medicine” comprising interesting clinical cases in different specialty of medicine is to...

Intern Tips in Internal Medicine

Author Lorenzo Aragon, Sanja Kupesic Plavsic

Rs. 650

The book contains the information to cover common inpatient cases seen on internal medicine, family medicine, intensive care unit (ICU) as well as inpatient...

Introductory Endocrinology: A Concise and Applied Digest

Author DD Bansal,Pranav Mehra,Romesh Khardori

Rs. 950

ITS Textbook of Thyroid Disorders

Author Editors: Sarita Bajaj, Rajesh Rajput

Rs. 2195

The book is divided into nine sections arranging closely related subjects into clusters. There are a total of 38 chapters. Section 1 commences with...

Kadasne’s Textbook of Embryology

Author DK Kadasne

Rs. 1150

Key Clinical Topics in Anaesthesia

Author Roger Langford, David Ashton-Cleary

Rs. 2895

Key Clinical Topics in Anaesthesia presents a brand new addition to the forthcoming Key Clinical Topics series. Key Clinical Topics in Anaesthesia provides a...

Key Clinical Topics in Critical Care

Author Sara-Catrin Cook, Matt Thomas, Jerry Nolan, Michael Parr

Rs. 2895

Key Clinical Topics in Critical Care has been written to ensure full coverage of the specialty of intensive care medicine. Topics are presented alphabetically,...

Key Clinical Topics in Sports and Exercise Medicine

Author A Ali Narvani, Panos Thomas, Bruce Lynn

Rs. 2750

Key Clinical Topics in Sports and Exercise Medicine aims to provide sports physicians, general practitioners, physiotherapists, orthopaedic surgeons and all...

Key Clinical Topics in Trauma

Author Keith Porter,Ian Greaves,Derek Burke

Rs. 2895

Kidney and Pancreas Transplantation

Author Ernesto Pompeo Molmenti

Rs. 9750

Text in the book is intended to be the most comprehensive, up-to-date book published on the topic of Kidney and Pancreas Transplantation. It examines the...

KNVs Manual of Cardiorespiratory Disorders

Author Editor: K Neelakantan Viswanathan, Deputy Editor: Sowmya Gopalan

Rs. 2495

This manual of cardiorespiratory disorders was brought out to help the students understand the concepts of the subject better and revise the subject during the...

LC Gupta’s Practical Standard Prescriber

Author Jyotirmoy Pal, Nandini Chatterjee

Rs. 625

The 10th edition incorporates latest updates in medical practices in the respective chapters. All chapters have been thoroughly revised, with added diagrams,...

Lipocrinology: The Relationship between Lipids and Endocrine Function

Author Sanjay Kalra, Gagan Priya

Rs. 2095

Management of Infectious Diseases

Author Manoj Jain, Dilip Mathai

Rs. 2295

Management of Urological Problems in General Practice

Author MH Kamat, RP Jindal

Rs. 850

Management of Wound Healing

Author Vijay K Shukla, Raj Mani, Luc Teot, Satyajit Pradhan

Rs. 3750

Managing Common Musculoskeletal Conditions by Physiotherapy & Yoga

Author PP Mohanty, Monalisa Pattnaik

Rs. 725

Manual of 3D Echocardiography

Author V Amuthan

Rs. 5550

Manual of Autopsy Pathology

Author NV Dravid

Rs. 1095

Manual of Chest and Radiology

Author Hariqbal Singh, Sushil Kachewar

Rs. 1495

Manual of Clinical and Practical Medicine

Author GS Sainani, Rajesh G Sainani

Rs. 1395

This second edition has been thoroughly revised and added with two new chapters (1) Nutrition including Obesity, (2) Infectious Diseases. Book includes 178...

Manual of Diabetes Care

Author Rajeev Chawla

Rs. 1995

This book is designed to offer a balanced overview of not only the pathophysiology but also the management of diabetes for both beginners and those seeking to...

Manual of Essential Hypertension

Author Nihar Mehta

Rs. 995

The book is written keeping in mind the medical students, hence, the MCQs and a short summary at the end of each chapter. Figures, tables, and images have been...

Manual of Fetal Medicine

Author Dilip Kumar Dutta

Rs. 1550

Manual of Hypertension (Hypertension Society of India)

Author Editor-in-Chief: BA Muruganathan, Editors:YP Munjal, M Maiya, Gurpreet S Wander, Assistant Editor: Bhivaji R Bansode

Rs. 4395

Manual of ICU Procedures

Author Mohan Gurjar

Rs. 3495

The Manual of ICU Procedures has 61 chapters, covering almost all relevant procedures, including simple as well as more complex, done in critically and acutely...

Manual of Lab Investigations in Rheumatic Diseases

Author Sham Santhanam

Rs. 1150

There is a dearth of quality books concentrating on this pertinent topic Lab Investigations in Rheumatic Diseases. This book aims to fill this void, with 15...

Manual of Medical Laboratory Techniques

Author S Ramakrishnan

Rs. 1350

Manual of Nephrology

Author Pranaw Kumar Jha, Vijay Kher

Rs. 2295

Manual of Operating Room Discipline and Protocol

Author Inderdeep Singh Walia, Rajiv M Borle

Rs. 1595

While operative routines vary in different hospitals, underlying principles/basics are the same. Consequently, basic principles are stressed. Emphasis is...

Manual of Oxygen Therapy

Author Editors: Kapil Zirpe, Subhal B Dixit, Atul P Kulkarni

Rs. 850

This book will be a one-stop guide for oxygen therapy in a variety of disorders for physicians. It should be a reference book in every place where oxygen...

Manual of Practical Medicine

Author R Alagappan

Rs. 1595

It is my privilege and honor to introduce the seventh edition of Manual of Practical Medicine. The basic principles involved in clinical examination have not...

Manual of Practical Medicine

Author Peeyush Jain

Rs. 195

Manual of Rational Skin Therapy and Dermatological Drugs

Author Sanjay Ghosh, Kisalay Ghosh, Saurav Kundu, Vikas Shankar

Rs. 1150

Manual of Respiratory Medicine

Author Harmanjit Singh Hira

Rs. 2450

Manual of Tuberculosis

Author Rajendra Prasad

Rs. 1295

Mastering Medicine MRCP Made Easy

Author Archith Boloor

Rs. 1850

The Membership of the Royal College of Physicians (MRCP) exam is known to be grueling war between the internal medicine aspirant and two, huge chunks of paper...

MCQs in Community Medicine

Author Ranganath TS

Rs. 525

This book is an updated version and has embodied all the recent topics based on 23rd edition of Park’s Textbook of Preventive and Social Medicine. The...

MCQs in Critical Care

Author Yatin Mehta, Prashant Kumar

Rs. 1395

MCQs in Infectious Diseases for DM Students

Author Editors: Om Shrivastav ,Yatin Mehta

Rs. 1995

In this book, we have updated diagnostic and therapeutic modalities in a multidisciplinary approach which will be a clinical guidance book for practicing...

MCQs in Mechanical Ventilation: A Case-based Approach

Author Sanjith Saseedharan

Rs. 850

This book has a unique content and structure for an in-depth study and discussion in mechanical ventilation. Needless to say that mechanical ventilation is...

MCQs in Urology

Author Niranjan Agarwalla

Rs. 1050

The basic aim of this book is to test "how much one knows", not "how much one does not". Most of the questions are self-explanatory with optimum hints so that...

MDR and XDR Tuberculosis

Author Rajendra Prasad, Nikhil Gupta

Rs. 1295

This book MDR and XDR Tuberculosis is written with the aim of defining a practical approach to every aspect of drug-resistant tuberculosis especially...

Mechanical Ventilation Made Easy (with CD-ROM)

Author S Ahanatha Pillai

Rs. 3095

Medical Audit

Author Anjan Prakash

Rs. 850

Medical Emergencies for Examinations

Author Aneil Maaney

Rs. 1195

Medical Research

Author RL Bijlani

Rs. 1495

Medical Writing: A Guide for Medicos, Educators and Researchers

Author Putul Mahanta

Rs. 550

This guidebook is targeted mainly for the students of Medicine, Dentistry, Ayurveda, Pharmacy, Nursing, Biotechnology, Cellular and Molecular Biology and other...

Medicine for Nurses

Author SN Chugh

Rs. 1395

Medicine for Yoga Therapists

Author Padiki Nagaraja Rao

Rs. 795

Medicine in Nutshell

Author TV Devarajan

Rs. 595

Medicine MCQs for Medical Professionals

Author Ajay Mathur

Rs. 1995

Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine is an epic in the world of medical science. This book serves as a faithful companion to the epic by assisting the...

Medicine Update (Volume 23, 2013)

Author A Muruganathan

Rs. 6150

Medicine Update (Volume 33, 2023)

Author Editor-in-Chief: Girish Mathur

Rs. 4995

The two volumes of the Medicine Update book encompass sections and chapters on various subspecialties of the medicine. Apart from the chapters on common and...

Medicine Update 2009 (2 Vols)

Author AK Agarwal

Rs. 9295

Methods in Drug Evaluation

Author Prafulla Chandra Tiwari

Rs. 695

Minimally Invasive Thoracic Surgery: Principles and Practice of Thoracoscopic Technique


Rs. 16175

Modern Medical Assisting

Author Kanai L Mukherjee, Anuradha Chakravarthy, Bibhas C Bandyopadhyay

Rs. 3050

The book is divided into six sections with a total of fourteen chapters. It begins with a short history of medicine as it developed in the East and in the...

Monogram: Hormone Replacement Therapy in Menopause and Andropause

Author VN Mishra, Nalini Mishra

Rs. 1350

Monogram—Sleep and Disorders of Sleep

Author Shyam Narayan Arya, BB Thakur

Rs. 1195

This monogram has been divided into 10 chapters and covers the various aspects of normal sleep and its disorders. To make the understanding complete the first...

Monograph Dengue

Author Editors: Jyotirmoy Pal, Nandini Chatterjee: MD FRCP (Glasgow) FICP, Sekhar Chakraborty

Rs. 1295

Medical science is an ever-changing subject and hence all medical books need edition at regular intervals to keep abreast of ever expanding evidences and new...

Monograph Immune-mediated Neurological Disorders

Author Editors: Lakshmi Narsimhan Ranganathan, Mugundhan Krishnan, Rajesh Shankar Iyer

Rs. 1495

In this monograph, various autoimmune disorders of the nervous system have been discussed. After a brief introduction to the subject in the first chapter,...

Monograph on Tropical Fever

Author Editors: Jyotirmoy Pal, Nandini Chatterjee: MD FRCP (Glasgow) FICP, Kamlesh Tewary: MD FICP FRCP (Glasgow) FRCP (Edinburgh)

Rs. 2250

With course of time “tropical” diseases emerged as specialty due to diversity in presentation, challenges in management and high mortality. So, “tropical”...

MRCP Paces: 180 Clinical Cases

Author Kevin O’Gallagher, Daniel Knight, Michael O’Gallagher, Eirini Merika, Omar Malik, Peter TK Milton, Nick Oliver

Rs. 2895

This book aims to encourage an early, targeted approach for each component of the exam. It serves to guide readers through their preparation by providing a...

MRCP Part 2 A Revision for the New Format of the Written Section

Author Farhad U Huwez, Udayaraj Umasankar, Christopher Ah Wah Chan

Rs. 1550

MRCP Part 2: 450 BOFs

Author Heather Lewis, Ravi Menon, Luke Moore, George Greenhall, Katherine Stockton

Rs. 3150

MRCP Part 2: 450 BOFs, Second Edition offers a comprehensive selection of practice questions for trainees preparing for the MRCP Part 2 exam. Chapters are...

MRCP SCE in Respiratory Medicine: 300 SBAs

Author Laura-Jane Smith, James Murray,Amar J Shah

Rs. 3400

MRCP SCE in Respiratory Medicine: 300 SBAs is a unique resource that offers a wealth of practice questions for candidates preparing for the Specialty...

MRCPsych Paper B: 600 MCQs and EMIs

Author Ashok G Patel,Roshelle Ramkisson,Madhavan Seshadri

Rs. 2895

MRCS Applied Basic Science and Clinical Topics

Author Stephen Parker

Rs. 3295

NCCP: Textbook of Respiratory Medicine

Author D Behera

Rs. 6995

Noninvasive Ventilation Made Easy (with DVD-Rom)

Author Mukesh Kumar Agarwal

Rs. 1350

Novel Insights on Oral Anticoagulants in Clinical Practice: Focus on Acenocoumarol

Author Jagdish Hiremath

Rs. 1750

This book rolls out all the intricacies related to anticoagulation. The nitty-gritty of pharmacological actions, investigations, dose adjustments, and...

Outlines of Meat Science and Technology

Author BD Sharma

Rs. 825

Pain Clinics

Author Muralidhar Joshi

Rs. 750

Pearls in Medicine for Students

Author Arup Kumar Kundu

Rs. 2750

Pediatric Drug Companion

Author Jitender Nagpal, Panna Choudhury, HPS Sachdev

Rs. 1050

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Course

Author Indumathy Santhanam

Rs. 4695

The long awaited second edition of the Pediatric Emergency Medicine Course (PEMC) manual is here. A veritable atlas of resuscitation, it has the largest number...

Physiotherapy in Medical Conditions

Author Suraj Kumar, Anoop Aggarwal

Rs. 1295

Physiotherapy in Medical Conditions is designed for the physiotherapy students who wish to acquire knowledge of physiotherapy in different medical conditions....

Pictorial Atlas Of Thyroid Imaging

Author Rajanikant Bhatt, Huda Ezzeddin Mustafa

Rs. 6295

“Pictorial Atlas Of Thyroid Imaging” offers a comprehensive, yet quick, and easy visual reference, meant for endocrinologists, radiologists, and thyroid...

Pocket Dictionary: Dermatology Defined

Author Sandipan Dhar

Rs. 3195

Pocket Manual to Case Taking

Author Ravinder Nath Bansal

Rs. 195

Pocket Tutor Abdominal Imaging

Author Rakesh Sinha

Rs. 1406

Pocket Tutor Clinical Examination

Author Peter Cartledge, Catherine Cartledge ,Caleb Van Essen ,Andrew Lockey

Rs. 1406

This pocket book is the ideal companion for medical students and junior clinicians seeking an accessible and practical guide to structuring a consultation,...

Pocket Tutor Musculoskeletal Imaging

Author Teik Chooi Oh, Matthew Budak, Rakesh Mehan

Rs. 2095

The book opens by demonstrating the appearance of normal tissues before going on to illustrate the radiological features of pathological tissues. Having...

Pocket Tutor Renal Medicine

Author David Oliveira,Debasish Banerjee,Joyce Popoola,Iain A.M. MacPhee,Seema Shrivastava,Daniel Jones,Stephen Nelson

Rs. 1406

Pocket Tutor Understanding ABGs & Lung Function Tests

Author Muhunthan Thillai, Peter SJ Bailey, Keith Hattotuwa

Rs. 1406

Pocket Tutor Understanding ABGs & Lung Function Tests is the ideal companion for medical students, junior doctors and anyone seeking to improve their working...

Poisoning in Children

Author Utpal Kant Singh, FC Layland, Rajniti Prasad, Shivani Singh

Rs. 1050

Postgraduate Medicine (3 Volumes)

Author Editor-in-Chief: Gurpreet S Wander

Rs. 3500

A modern-day textbook need to incorporate the latest evidence in a comprehensive and simplified manner. The data from these trials needs to be interpreted by...

Practical Diabetes Mellitus

Author Pradeep G Talwalkar

Rs. 1995

The seventh edition contains additional chapters such as “COVID-19 and Diabetes” and “Travel and Diabetes” and a comprehensive information on nonalcoholic...

Practical Hepato-Gastroenterology Prescriber

Author Mamun-Al-Mahtab, Sheikh Mohammad Fazle Akbar

Rs. 1050

Practical Management of Diabetes

Author Ajit B Kumthekar

Rs. 750

Practical Manual for Final Year Exam Preparation

Author Liyakkath Ali M, Muhammed Noufal Poongadan, Jafar Niyas P, Shameej KV, Muhammed Navas NK

Rs. 1050

This book is an attempt to bring a standardized practical manual for final year students. It is previously known as GEMS: A Golden Endeavor for Medical...

Practical Manual in Clinical Medicine

Author ABM Abdullah

Rs. 1395

Practical Physiology Book

Author M Chandrasekar, Nitesh Mishra

Rs. 550

Understanding physiology has been the crux of learning medicine. The basic of medicine has greatly depended on physiology. No wonder learning of physiology...

Practice of Patent Medicine with Ideal Prescription (A Condensed Clinical Manual for the Busy Practitioner)

Author GP Nirbhay

Rs. 1550

This book Practice of Patent Medicine with Ideal Prescription is intended specially for undergraduate medical students of “Patent Medicine”. To facilitate the...

Pre-exam Preparation for Medicine

Author HN Sarker

Rs. 625

This book is written to help the students to prepare for viva examination within a short time in the form of questions and answers

Preventive Measures for Cirrhosis of Liver and its Progression

Author Sharad C Shah, Prasanna S Shah, Khyati P Shah

Rs. 3150

Principles and Practices of Thyroid Gland Disorders

Author Subhash K Wangnoo, Jamal Ahmad, Mohammad A Siddiqui

Rs. 2550

The prevalence of thyroid disorders is increasing day by day. However, many of these still go unrecognized or are not managed appropriately due to the lack...

Principles of Anesthesia Equipment

Author Yasodananda K Areti, Bhavani Shankar Kodali

Rs. 2450

• Chapter 1 on Applied Physics, the relationship of measurement units used in various parts of the world is clearly explained.

• Chapter 3 on...

Principles of Assessment in Medical Education

Author Tejinder Singh,Anshu

Rs. 1595

The first edition of this book has been received extremely well by teachers of health professions in India. The present edition has been revised to address...

Principles of Perinatal and Pediatric HIV/AIDS

Author Mamatha M Lala

Rs. 7650

Principles of Thesis Writing

Author Tejinder Singh, Dheeraj Shah, Piyush Gupta

Rs. 1350

Pulmonary Function Tests Made Easy (with DVD-ROM)

Author Jayant R Shah

Rs. 1395

Quality and Safety in Critical Care Medicine

Author Shivakumar Iyer, Rajesh Mohan Shetty

Rs. 995

This book on quality and safety is a compilation of articles by experts working in intensive care or in the field of patient safety and will definitely be...

Ramadan & Diabetes Care

Author Editors: Abdul H Zargar ,Sanjay Kalra

Rs. 2895

Keeping the Ramadan fast is an essential part of Islamic faith. Most people living with diabetes can observe the Ramadan fast in a safe and fulfilling manner,...

Ramamurthy's Decision Making in Pain Management: An Algorithmic Approach

Author Ameet Nagpal,Miles Day,Maxim S Eckmann,Brian T Boies,Larry C Driver

Rs. 2450

Recent Advances in Critical Care - 1

Author David Ashton-Cleary,William English

Rs. 1595

Recent Advances in Diabetes

Author Editor: Rajeev Chawla

Rs. 1495

This book offers a crisp and balanced overview of the pathophysiology as well as management of diabetes to not only the beginners but also for the established...

Recent Advances in Endocrinology and Diabetes - 1

Author Amir H Sam,Saira Hameed

Rs. 1595

Recent Advances in Gastroenterology 12

Author Chris Probert

Rs. 1750

Recent Advances in Gastroenterology 12 is the ideal resource for keeping abreast of new developments in this fast-moving field. Written by expert authors and...

Recent Advances In Gyne-Endocrinology

Author Dilip Kumar Dutta

Rs. 2095

Recent Advances in Pediatrics-18 Hot Topics, Spotlight Hematology and Oncology

Author Suraj Gupte

Rs. 1850

Each and every chapter is remarkable by its excellence, providing a stimulating and, not infrequently, even provocative, matured and informed update....

Recent Advances in Spinal Surgery

Author Alexander R Vaccaro, John D Koerner, Daniel H Kim

Rs. 1850

Each section is written by leaders of the field and includes the most recent relevant evidence. Some of the topics include the treatment of Spinal Cord Injury,...

Renal Disease Prevention and Management (API)

Author OP Kalra

Rs. 4250

Respiratory Medicine for Nurses and Paramedicals

Author T Balasubramanian

Rs. 425

Review of Laboratory Medicine

Author Najat Rashid, Ramnik Sood

Rs. 2695

This book is the culmination of our efforts. There are 35 chapters and right from basics of laboratory to urine analysis to cytogenetics to microbiology to...

Revision Notes for MRCP 2 Paces

Author Shibley Rahman, Avinash Sharma

Rs. 995

Rheumatic Diseases in Women & Children Current Perspectives

Author Shefali K Sharma, Sujata Sawhney

Rs. 1650

There are many standard textbooks of Rheumatology, but none with an emphasis on the rheumatic diseases in the context of women and child bearing, and the...

Rheumatic Fever and Rheumatic Heart Disease 

Author M Satpathy, BR Mishra

Rs. 1995

The descriptions in the book are written in simple terms. We have done away with intricate molecular biology and genetics. We have attempted to maintain a...

Rheumatology Principles and Practice With DVD-ROM

Author Ashit Syngle, SD Deodhar

Rs. 8250

Role Play in MRCP-PACES

Author Mohammad Ali

Rs. 1495

This is one volume text giving candidates complete preparation for the PACES examination within one portable volume. Here around 200 cases are organized into...

RSSDI Atlas of Diabetic Foot

Author Editor-in-Chief: Vijay Viswanathan, Assistant Editor: Ashu Rastogi

Rs. 2995

This book provides us with exhaustive and extensive information about the various aspects of diabetic foot. We have fourteen unique and distinct chapters with...

RSSDI Diabetes Update 2016

Author Editor-in-Chief: SV Madhu

Rs. 4995

The current edition of RSSDI Diabetes Update is based on the scientific program of the 44th Annual Scientific Meeting held from 18–20th November, 2016, at...

RSSDI Textbook of Diabetes Mellitus

Author Editor-in-Chief: Rajeev Chawla

Rs. 5250

This textbook has been designed to give the readers a comprehensive overview of all these aspects of diabetes, starting from the basics its complications as...

RSSDI Update–2015

Author Editor: Sarita Bajaj, Associate Editor: Manoj K Srivastava

Rs. 5695

There are 107 chapters with about 100 figures and 72 tables. These large numbers of tables and figures have been used so that the information is easily...

RSSDI Yearbook of Diabetes 2017

Author Sujoy Ghosh

Rs. 3250

RSSDI Yearbook of Diabetes 2020

Author Editor-in-Chief: Sujoy Ghosh,Associate Editor: Sayantan Ray

Rs. 2195

Yearbook of Diabetes by the Research Society for the Study of Diabetes in India (RSSDI) is unique. It summarizes all diabetes related articles between 1st July...

RSSDI’s Insulin Monograph (A Complete Guide to Insulin Therapy)

Author Editor: Sanjay Agarwal,Co-Editor: Rakesh Sahay

Rs. 2195

This textbook is meticulously crafted to serve as your trusted companion in navigating the complex world of insulin. Through its pages, we aim to provide you...

Sadikot's International Textbook of Diabetes

Author Editor-in-Chief: Kamlakar Tripathi, Managing Editor: Banshi Saboo

Rs. 4295

Self Assessment & Review infectious Diseases

Author Pankaj Gupta

Rs. 450

Self Assessment & Review J& K Board of Professional Entrance Examinations (JK BOPEE) 2012

Author Ashfaq Ul Hassan

Rs. 4350

The book has been carefully compiled after taking into account the Latest Trends of JKBOPEE which are nonspecific and not fully in line with the high standards...

Self Assessment & Review Medicine (Part A & B)

Author Mudit Khanna

Rs. 2795

The structure of Postgraduate Medical Entrance Examinations has undergone a dramatic change over the past few years with the pattern of examination moving from...

Short and Long Cases in Clinical Medicine

Author Harendra Nath Sarker

Rs. 895

Short Review of Tumour

Author Rachna Chaurasia, Anshul Jain

Rs. 495

This new edition is thoroughly revised and updated from the latest edition of standard books, viz. Devita 8/e,Harrison 17/e, Robbins 8/e, Love & Bailey 25/e,...

Signs & Symptoms in Clinical Practice

Author Devendra Richhariya,Jesus Daniel López Tapia,Khusrav Bajan,Bhawana Sharma

Rs. 3150

This book on and signs and symptoms, which is indexed in alphabetical order, just like the rough fibers for cloth weaver, from which the physician will be able...

Sleep Related Breathing Disorders

Author Vivek Nangia, Shivani Swami

Rs. 2095

The current manuscript focuses on this group of disorders as they are now known to be widely prevalent in the general population and have been identified to...

Smart Life @ 40 Plus

Author Roza Olyai

Rs. 1650

Snapshots in Gastroenterology

Author S Devaji Rao

Rs. 2350

The book is aimed at a well read and sophisticated audience, and has a wealth of information essential and necessary for those interested in gastroenterology....

Solved Papers Medicine for PG Students

Author Ashis Kumar Saha

Rs. 1995

The book has been written in a format in which one is expected to answer the theory questions. It gives an insight into the kind of questions that are asked in...

Sports Medicine

Author CS Jayaprakash

Rs. 950

Statistical Tests in Medical Research

Author JayKaran

Rs. 750

Step by Step Clinical Examination Skill with DVD-ROMs

Author Farrukh Iqbal

Rs. 2450

Step by Step Critical Care

Author Arun Kumar Paul

Rs. 2150

The second edition of the book Step by Step Critical Care has been expanded to some extent to include some important medical and surgical problems that arise...

Step by Step Diabetology with Cd Rom

Author Sudip Chatterjee, Sanjay Chatterjee, Kaushik Pandit

Rs. 1650

Step by Step Management of Bronchial Asthma (with Photo CD-ROM)

Author Harmanjit Singh Hira

Rs. 2295

Step by Step Management of Diabetes with CD-ROM

Author PG Raman, LC Gupta

Rs. 2295

Step by Step Management of Male Infertility (with DVD-ROM)

Author Manish R Pandya, Sudhir R Shah

Rs. 1295

Step by Step Trauma Management (with Photo CD-ROM)

Author Chandra Bhushan, Chandra Sekhar Mone

Rs. 1395

Step by Step Wound Healing with CD-ROM

Author Luc Teot, Sylvie Meaume

Rs. 1295

Summarized Analytical Review of System Involvement in COVID-19

Author Editor: Jayanthi Rangarajan

Rs. 1995

The uniqueness of this book is that it is a compendium of everything about COVID-19 including its multisystem involvement. Each of the contributors has on...

Synopsis Dissertation and Research to PG Students

Author GN Prabhakara

Rs. 650

Systemic Fungal Infections: Principles, Pathogenesis & Practice

Author Editor: Monica Mahajan

Rs. 5495

This book is an endeavor to demystify medical mycology and to provide simple and practical information on managing infections. It is aimed at providing...

Textbook of Clinical Leprosy

Author Virendra N Sehgal

Rs. 2650

Clinical leprosy, ever since its first publication in the year 1979, has continued to provide an academic access to the understanding of the unique scourge, in...

Textbook of Community and Social Pediatrics

Author SR Banerjee

Rs. 2475

Textbook of Community Health for Health Inspectors

Author GN Prabhakara

Rs. 1295

Textbook of Emergency Medicine: Including Intensive Care & Trauma (2 Volumes)

Author Editor-in-Chief: Devendra Richhariya, Editor: Bhawana Sharma

Rs. 5250

Textbook of Emergency Medicine (2nd edition) is a comprehensive emergency medicine book which includes trauma and intensive care management covering all...

Textbook of Endocrine Surgery

Author Orlo H Clark, Quan-Yang Duh, Jessica E Gosnell, Electron Kebebew, Wen T Shen

Rs. 23095

Textbook of Endocrinology

Author Mala Dharmalingam

Rs. 1850

Textbook of Hepato-gastroenterology

Author Mahmud Hasan, Sheikh Mohammad Fazle Akbar, Mamun-Al-Mahtab

Rs. 9750

Firstly, the spectrum of diseases are different. Diseases of infection are still quite prevalent in many parts of the developing world. Moreover, a number of...

Textbook of Kidney Transplantation

Author Editors: Vinant Bhargava, Manisha Sahay, Priti Meena, Vinay Sakhuja, Amit Gupta

Rs. 4995

In this book, pertinent topics related to renal transplantation have been covered bearing in mind renal fellows, practicing physicians, immunologists, and...

Textbook of Medical Laboratory Technology

Author Ramnik Sood

Rs. 2195

Textbook of Medicine (2 Volume Set)

Author KV Krishna Das

Rs. 2450

The first edition of this book was published in 1986 as “Short Textbook of Medicine”, Sixth edition has been the concerted effort of many reputed medical...

Textbook of Movement Disorders

Author Ashok Kumar

Rs. 2195

Movement disorders remains a major concern in our day-to-day practice. Significant advances are being made in this field in India and it is gratifying to see a...

Textbook of Neonatal Hematology-Oncology

Author MR Lokeshwar

Rs. 1050

Textbook of Nephrology

Author Anil K Mandal

Rs. 8995

The focus of the third edition is a conservative nephrology practice clear of dialysis and transplantation. However, the chapters on dialysis and...

Textbook of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition

Author Anupam Sibal, Sarath Gopalan, Akshay Kapoor, Vidyut Bhatia

Rs. 8395

This book specifically looks at disorders of the gut and liver from a developing country’s perspective. This book is meant to be used by postgraduates,...

Textbook of Pediatric Neurology in Tropics

Author Ashok Gupta

Rs. 3650

Textbook of Pleural Diseases

Author Editors: Ashish Kumar Prakash, Anand Jaiswal, Randeep Guleria, Bornali Datta

Rs. 4995

This textbook is intended to fill a perceived gap in this domain of a holistic approach to all pleural pathologies. All the chapters of this book are written...

Textbook of Practical Pediatric Pulmonology

Author H Paramesh

Rs. 2695

Textbook of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

Author Editor-in-Chief: SK Jindal

Rs. 16795

• Coverage of the diagnosis and treatment of the most common problems encountered in the practice of critical care with interdisciplinary approach to critical...

Textbook of Pulmonary Medicine

Author Jyotsna M Joshi

Rs. 3750

Textbook of Pulmonary Medicine

Author D Behera

Rs. 15995

Textbook of Respiratory and Critical Care Infections

Author Francesco Blasi, George Dimopoulos

Rs. 9750

The Textbook of Respiratory and Critical Care Infections is a comprehensive guide to respiratory infections management. Its chapters, written by well known...

Textbook of Systemic Vasculitis

Author Editor: Aman Sharma

Rs. 9795

The second edition of Textbook of Systemic Vasculitis expands the scope and strengths of popular first edition of this book. This edition includes some newer...

Textbook of Vertigo: Diagnosis and Management

Author Francesco Dispenza, Alessandro De Stefano

Rs. 3750

The vertigo is one of the commonest symptoms complained by patients. It is also a symptom variously referred by patients and may be present in several...

The Art and Science of Burn Wound Management (with Photo CD-ROM)

Author Marella L Hanumadass, K Mathangi Ramakrihnan

Rs. 6995

The Art of History Taking

Author Kashinath Padhiary

Rs. 595

The Basic Needs to Achieve Wound Healing

Author Raj Mani, Luc Teot

Rs. 2195

The Definitive Review of Medicine for USMLE

Author Vineet Punia

Rs. 1050

The Diabetic Foot

Author Robert J. Hinchliffe,Nicolaas C. Schaper,Matt M. Thompson,Ramesh K. Tripathi,Carlos H. Timaran

Rs. 14931

The HLA Complex in Biology and Medicine A Resource Book

Author Narinder K Mehra

Rs. 16995

The Protocol Book for Intensive Care

Author Soumitra Kumar

Rs. 1250

The Protocol Book represents guidelines for the diagnosis and management of common medical emergencies seen in hospitals. It covers mostly cardiac problems...

The Skills of History Taking for Medical Students and Practitioners

Author Rahul Tanwani

Rs. 425

Communication with the patients is an art and every doctor keeps on learning it throughout his life. First, he learns from his teachers and then from his...

Therapeutic Pediatric Nutrition

Author Madhu Sharma

Rs. 725

Transfusion Guide for Clinicians

Author Kanchan Bhardwaj

Rs. 1550

Transfusion Update

Author Kanchan Bhardwaj, BL Bhardwaj, Kusum K Thakur, Rajni Bassi, Harnoor Singh Bhardwaj

Rs. 1595

The topics covered under Clinical Hemotherapy are Transfusion Practice in Clinical Medicine, in Surgical Practice, Maternal, Fetal and Neonatal Transfusion;...

Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome

Author Daniel W Skupski

Rs. 6250

The study of fetal medicine encompasses individuals who believe this both instinctively and consciously and have devoted their careers to the study of the...

Understanding Major Pains

Author A Lal

Rs. 1395

Urgent Procedures in Medical Practice (Includes 2 Interactive DVD-ROMs)

Author Editor-in-Chief: Sanja Kupesic Plavsic, Technical Co-Editor: Claudia Cortez, Video Recording, Montage and Editing: Jonathan Diaz, Narration: Noel Shaheen, Jonathan Diaz

Rs. 2650

Video demonstrations are the most comprehensive way to learn procedures and contain information that cannot be mastered using photograph format. DVD on Urgent...

Vitamins in Health and Disease

Author M L Kulkarni

Rs. 575

World Clinics - Anesthesia, Critical Care, and Pain: Pain Management

Author Dwarkadas K Baheti

Rs. 5500

Evidence-based approach is the key to the success of any specialty in medicine, so pain management cannot be an exception. In the last few decades, significant...

World Clinics Diabetology: Complications of Diabetes

Author Viswanathan Mohan

Rs. 3195

This book is the latest volume in the World Clinics Diabetology series, focusing on complications associated with diabetes. Divided into 13 sections, the...

World Clinics Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine: Tuberculosis

Author Surinder K Jindal, Digambar Behera

Rs. 4750

This issue of World Clinic has discussed important aspects of TB, including the epidemiology, etiology, pathology, diagnosis, and management of TB. We have...

World Clinics- Diabetology: Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (January 2014 Volume 1 Number 1)

Author Viswanathan Mohan

Rs. 5795

Diabetes Mellitus has become a global problem worldwide. It is estimated that there are 382 million people with diabetes worldwide. China has now become the...

World Clinics-Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Author Surinder K Jindal

Rs. 5795

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a global concern as it has been estimated that COPD will be the third leading cause of death by 2030. It has...

World Clinics-Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine: Pneumonias

Author Surinder K Jindal

Rs. 6295

“Pneumonia” has been chosen as the subject for this issue, because of its overwhelming importance in medical practice of all specialties. Recognized since the...

Year Book of Medicine 2018

Author Chief Editor: Gurpreet S Wander

Rs. 2095

Zulfi-Raj's Pre-PG Medicine Handbook

Author Bruno Mascarenhas

Rs. 2795

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