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A Complete Guide to DNB - CET (2011 - 2000): Fully explanatory with references from latest edition

Author Ashfaq Ul Hassan

Rs. 1095

The DNB examinations are now seen as a reliable source for attaining higher qualifications and from a mere simple Exam has transformed into a high level...

Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics

Author PL Madan

Rs. 1525

The second edition of Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics represents a major revision of the book originally published in 2000. This edition has been revised...

Classification of Drugs including Dosages

Author Narinder Dev

Rs. 375

Competency Based Logbook for 2nd Professional MBBS - Pharmacology

Author Saumya Singh, Aditya Pratap Singh

Rs. 350

This logbook is designed as per the guidelines of logbook module shared by NMC for implementation of competency-based curriculum and recommended to be followed...

Competency Based Practical Manual of Pharmacology

Author Apurva Agrawal, Harcharan Singh

Rs. 795

Competency Based Practical Manual of Pharmacology is a practical manual based on the competency-based medical education (CBME) endorsed by National Medical...

Diagnosis and Treatment of Poisoning and Drug Overdose Made Easy

Author TV Devarajan

Rs. 1595

This book has been written in detail with special reference to initial assessment of patient, proper antidotes, the role of preventive measures especially in...

Drug Formulary

Author Mathew George,Lincy Joseph,Sujith K

Rs. 1050

Drug Screening Methods

Author SK Gupta

Rs. 2095

All chapters have been revised to include the latest key studies and updated techniques. One new chapter has been written on antiviral drugs other than HIV.

Essentials of Medical Pharmacology

Author KD Tripathi

Rs. 1750

Essentials of Medical Pharmacology covers a wide range of topics from basic pharmacological concepts to practical therapeutics. Core pharmacodynamic,...

Essentials of Postgraduate Pharmacology & Biostatistics: Guidebook to postgraduate trainee in pharmacology

Author Uttam Kumar Roy, Shouvik Choudhury

Rs. 1995

Keeping in mind the increasing demand in global label, pharmacokinetic compartmental model, ANOVA (through fundamental approach), updates of COVID-19, gene...

Experimental Pharmacology for Undergraduates and Postgraduates

Author J Sujatha Devi

Rs. 525

This book is designed to provide a complete, current and readable pharmacology practical procedures for medical, pharmacy undergraduate and postgraduate...

Handbook of Medicine for Pharmacists

Author Guru Prasad Mohanta, Praveen Kumar NVR Tavva

Rs. 1350

The handbook contains the valuable practical information in a precise manner to help the pharmacy students and practicing pharmacists ensuring appropriate use...

Handbook of Pharmaceutical Technology

Author Poonam Kushwaha

Rs. 1025

The content of this book aims to deliver the essential information concerning the formulation of the dosage forms in a format that will surely aid the...

Handbook of Pharmacology for the Anesthesiologists

Author Lopamudra Chowdhury

Rs. 850

This book is intended to be concise yet highly informative and user friendly. It provides quick information of drug doses, adverse effects, contraindications...

Illustrated Medical Pharmacology

Author AK Kapoor, SM Raju

Rs. 4695

The book Illustrated Medical Pharmacology has been designed keeping in mind the basics which an undergraduate must know and to impart knowledge regarding...

Jaypee’s Nursing Drugbook

Author Editor-in-Chief: Dr Pankaj Hans

Rs. 1050

The drugbook provides comprehensive and up-to-date drug information in well-organized, nursing-focused monographs.Jaypee’s Nursing Drugbook includes over 1000...

KD Tripathi’s MCQs in Pharmacology

Author Revised by Prasan R Bhandari

Rs. 595

Some of the questions from the earlier editions have been deleted and many new questions relevant to the current information have been added and updated. The...

Learning Practical Pharmacology for Undergraduates

Author Suyog Sindhu

Rs. 850

This practical book is best suited for this purpose as it elaborately covers the pharmacy and experimental practicals with due emphasis on therapeutics. As the...

Manual of Pharmacy

Author LC Gupta, Kusum Gupta

Rs. 575

MCQs in Pharmacology with Explanatory Answers

Author Sameer Malhotra, Nusrat Shafiq, Promila Pandhi

Rs. 995

Pharmaceutical Dosage Form Design

Author YS Tanwar, A Sharma

Rs. 1395

The book text supplies new and must-have information regarding the excipients, preformulation studies, GMPs, validation procedure, ISO 9000, TQM, dissolution...

Pharmacology for Medical Undergraduates

Author Prasan R Bhandari

Rs. 1050

Pharmacology for Undergraduates (An Exam Preparatory Manual)

Author Padmaja Udaykumar

Rs. 950

Second edition of the Pharmacology for Undergraduates: An Exam Preparatory Manual helps the student to quickly cover the entire subject and the student finds...

Practical Aids to Dispensing: Pharmacy and Experimental Pharmacology

Author C Venugopalaswamy, K Ambabai

Rs. 550

Practical Manual of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology

Author Bikash Medhi

Rs. 950

Experimental pharmacology is a broad field composed of each discipline of medicine (explained under ‘Chapter 1’). Broadly, we have classified pharmacology as...

Practical Manual of Pharmacology for Medical Students

Author Dinesh Badyal

Rs. 850

Practical Manual of Pharmacology for Medical Students has been written keeping in view updates in pharmacology teaching-learning and assessment as per new...

Practical Pharmacology

Author Pramila V. Yadav, Vaishali Thakre, Pradnya Deolekar

Rs. 350

The aim of this book is to bring all the various aspects of practical pharmacology (i.e. prescriptions, sports, fixed dose combination and pharmacy) together...

Practical Pharmacology for Undergraduates with MCQs

Author Keshab Mukhopadhyay

Rs. 495

Prescribing Skills Workbook

Author Daniel Norton,Nicholas Norton,Jane Caisley,Rosie Furner,Elizabeth Hamilton

Rs. 6221

Rationale of Drug of Choice: A Comparative Analysis

Author P Nirmala, N Chidambaram

Rs. 1095

Rational prescription of drugs based on 'Evidence-Based Medicine' determines the success of the therapy. Quick development of drug resistance necessitates the...

Ready Reckoner of Adverse Drug Reactions

Author Yash Paul, Priya Marwah

Rs. 495

In clinical practice, generally, more than one drug is administered. In case of occurrence of an adverse reaction, the doctor not only has to treat the adverse...

Second MBBS Buster Pharmacology

Author Avishek Layek, Dyuti Deepta Rano

Rs. 575

Self Assessment & Review J& K Board of Professional Entrance Examinations (JK BOPEE) 2012

Author Ashfaq Ul Hassan

Rs. 4350

The book has been carefully compiled after taking into account the Latest Trends of JKBOPEE which are nonspecific and not fully in line with the high standards...

Self Assessment & Review Pharmacology

Author Hira Bhalla, Yogesh Gulati, Deepak Mishra

Rs. 475

TAB 4 U: A Concise Manual of Pharmacology

Author Linto Antony A

Rs. 425

The contents of the treatise reflect upon the classification, generic names, dosages, indications, side effects, contradictions and cautions for a vast...

Textbook of Pharmacovigilance: Ensuring the Safe Use of Medicine

Author SK Gupta, Sushma Srivastava

Rs. 1995

This is the updated second edition of the Textbook of Pharmacovigilance: Ensuring the Safe Use of Medicine. All the chapters have been updated and new chapters...

Uniquest Series Pharmacology

Author MS Umamageswari

Rs. 695

This Uniquest Series: Pharmacology is compiled to help the students who are appearing for 2nd MBBS university examinations. It will help the students to answer...

Viva Voce in Medical Pharmacology

Author K Mukhopadyay

Rs. 575

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