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Dr Agarwal's Step by Step Corneal Topography (With DVD-ROM)

Author Sunita Agarwal, Athiya Agarwal, Amar Agarwal

Rs. 1595

Dr Hoyos' Step by Step Astigmatic Ablation with Photo CD-ROM

Author Melania Cigales, Jairo E Hoyos

Rs. 1695

Dr Hoyos’s Step by Step Lamellar Corneal Graft (with DVD-ROM)

Author Eduardo Arenas, Jairo E Hoyos

Rs. 2395

Dr Malhotra Series: Step by Step Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) (With 2 Interactive DVD-ROMs)

Author Jaideep Malhotra, Randhir Puri, Narendra Malhotra, Rajeev Sharma

Rs. 1995

Dr Malhotra Series: Step by Step Neonatology for the Obstetricians (with Interactive DVD-ROM)

Author Randhir Puri, SR Rathor

Rs. 1050

• A handy user-friendly book

• Presents the text in simple language

• Provides practical tips about ultrasound-guided procedures in...

Applied Geriatric Anesthesia

Author Ved Prakash Kumra

Rs. 1895

Statistical Tests in Medical Research

Author JayKaran

Rs. 750

Applied Statistics in Health Sciences

Author NSN Rao, NS Murthy

Rs. 5995

This book is a sequel to its 2nd edition that went by the name, Recent Advances and Applied Physics in Imaging (2nd Edition), that was published back in the...

Approach and Observation in Clinical Dermatology

Author Editors: Jigna Padhiyar, Nayan Patel

Rs. 4395

“Approach and Observation in Clinical Dermatology” has been planned with purpose of helping clinician and postgraduate students with the art of differential...

Step by Step Active Management of Labor (with interactive DVD-ROM)

Author Sudhir R Shah, Beena N Trivedi, Manish R Pandya, Dipal D Solanki

Rs. 5795

25 years ago, the faculty from the Departments of Radiodiagnosis of the three premier institutes of the country, All India Institute of Medical Sciences...

Step by Step Approach To Fractures (with CD-ROM)

Author Rahij Anwar

Rs. 1395

Aim Excellence Series: Dermatology

Author SnarayanM

Rs. 250

Step by Step Clinical Examination Skill with DVD-ROMs

Author Farrukh Iqbal

Rs. 2450

Step by Step Colposcopy, Cryosurgery & Leep with DVD-ROM

Author S Shakuntala Baliga

Rs. 2095

Step By Step Corneal Gluing with DVD-ROM

Author Rasik B Vajpayee

Rs. 1395

ART and Fertility Enhancing Surgeries: The Synergy

Author Chief Editors: Prakash Trivedi,Kedar Ganla,Editors: Seema Pandey,Sanket Pisat,Ritu Hinduja,Soumil Trivedi

Rs. 2495

Assisted Reproductive Techniques and Fertility Enhancing Surgeries: The Synergy is an insightful exploration into the field of ART and fertility enhancing...

Step by Step Cross Sectional Anatomy

Author D Karthikeyan

Rs. 2995

The readers of this text will encounter a comprehensive and perspicacious view of the discipline of reproductive medicine as revealed by practicing fertility...

Step by Step Diabetology with Cd Rom

Author Sudip Chatterjee, Sanjay Chatterjee, Kaushik Pandit

Rs. 1650

Art of Abdominal Contouring: Advanced Liposuction

Author Sanjay Parashar

Rs. 14995

This book covers all the aspect that is important for abdominal contouring. Each chapter has clinical relevance and my own thought process as well. The key...

Step By Step Emergency in Orthopaedics with Photo CD-ROM

Author John Ebnezar

Rs. 1695

This edition is completely changed when compared to previous edition. The vast knowledge since the last edition is incorporated to a large extent. Many new...

Step by Step Fracture Treatment (with Photo CD-ROM)

Author John Ebnezar

Rs. 4050

Step by Step Gynecological Endoscopy Surgery (with 2 CD-ROM)

Author Sudhir R Shah, Manish R Pandya, Beena N Trivedi, Dipal D Solanki

Rs. 1395

Step by Step Imaging of Bone & Joints (with Photo CD-ROM)

Author LC Gupta, Chandan Jyoti Das, Abhishek Gupta

Rs. 1250

Step by Step in Emergency Radiology with CD-ROM

Author Kalyanpur

Rs. 1295

Step by Step Infertility Practice (with CD-ROM)

Author Sudhir R Shah, Manish R Pandya, Beena N Trivedi, Dipal D Solanki

Rs. 1595

Atlas and Synopsis of Contact and Occupational Dermatology

Author Sanjay Ghosh

Rs. 3695

The second edition of this much-awaited book has been thoroughly revised and updated, keeping in mind the recent advances in the field of Contact and...

Step by Step Laser in Ophthalmology (with Photo CD-ROM) 

Author Bikas Bhattacharya

Rs. 2295

Step by Step Management Chemo and Radiotherapy

Author MH Krishnan

Rs. 1250

Step by Step Management of Bronchial Asthma (with Photo CD-ROM)

Author Harmanjit Singh Hira

Rs. 2295

Step by Step Management of Burns with Photo CD-ROM

Author Sujata Sarabahi, SP Bajaj

Rs. 1750

Step by Step Management of Clubfoot by Ponseti Technique (with DVD-ROM)

Author RA Agarwal, Sureshwar Pandey

Rs. 7350

The book has 26 chapters with 1000 images. This book is certainly help in educating critical care and other specialty doctors regarding this vast and expanding...

Step by Step Management of Diabetes with CD-ROM

Author PG Raman, LC Gupta

Rs. 2295

Step by Step Management of Endometriosis (with DVD-ROM)

Author Sudha Prasad

Rs. 795

Not only is the book a haven for exam-oriented preparationists, it also has the important facts and figures that will help you get an extra edge on any sort of...

Step by Step Management of Equinus Foot by Ilizarov Technique (with CD-ROM)

Author RA Agrawal, Sureshwar Pandey, UV Ivanovich

Rs. 2250

Step by Step Management of Lower Limbs Deformity (with DVD-ROM)

Author Rajendra Kumar Kanojia

Rs. 1695

Step by Step Management of Male Infertility (with DVD-ROM)

Author Manish R Pandya, Sudhir R Shah

Rs. 1295

Step by Step Management of Menopause (with DVD-ROM)

Author Maninder Ahuja

Rs. 1050

Step by Step Managing HIV-Positive Pregnant Mothers with Photo CD-ROM (Dr.Malhotra Series)

Author Nidhi Gupta, Bharti Malhotra

Rs. 5250

Forensic Pathology is one of the major portions of broad specialty of Forensic Medicine comprising mainly of traumatology and thanatology. This atlas has been...

Step by Step Manual Phaco

Author Ashok Garg

Rs. 9250

Atlas of Growth and Endocrine Disorders in Children

Author Prisca Colaco

Rs. 2795

Step by Step Obstetric Anaesthesia and Analgesia (with CD-ROM)

Author Arun Kumar Paul

Rs. 495

The book has been thoroughly revised with updated MCQs, extensive use of illustrations, tables, graphs and flowcharts, and written strictly as per the...

Step by Step Pediatric Bronchoscopy with CD-ROM

Author Praveen Khilnani

Rs. 695

Step by Step Phaco Tips and Tricks with 2 CD-ROMs

Author Vikas Mahatme

Rs. 250

Step by Step Sonography of the Shoulder Joint

Author Bipin R Shah, Jeshil R Shah, Ram Y Prabhoo

Rs. 1895

Step by Step Transvaginal Ultrasound (with CD-ROM)

Author Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar

Rs. 1795

Step by Step Trauma Management (with Photo CD-ROM)

Author Chandra Bhushan, Chandra Sekhar Mone

Rs. 1395

Step by Step Treatment of Osteoarthritis Knee with DVD Rom

Author Syed Musab Rahim Hashmi

Rs. 1850

Atlas of Instruments in Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery

Author Vikram K Bhatt, Manjunath D

Rs. 1295

Anesthesia Update 2017

Author Bibhukalyani Das,Sabyasachi Das

Rs. 1595

Anesthesia Update 2017 is a small endeavor by the 65th Annual Conference of Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists (ISACON) 2017 Kolkata organizing team, to open...

Step by Step Vaginal Delivery (With DVD Rom)

Author Sadhana Gupta

Rs. 1895

Step by Step Visual Field Examination (with CD-ROM) 

Author AK Gupta, Reena M Choudhry, Charu Tandon

Rs. 2750

Step by Step Wound Healing with CD-ROM

Author Luc Teot, Sylvie Meaume

Rs. 1295

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