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Communicative English for BSc Nursing

Author Bandana

Rs. 395

The book has been prepared as per the revised INC syllabus for BSc Nursing, 2021. The book has 7 chapters, named as Communication, Introduction to LSRGW, ...

Cumulative Record of Clinical Experience of Basic BSc Nursing Students (As per New Syllabus)

Author BT Basavanthappa

Rs. 295

This book helps in developing various skills in nursing and covers all the prescribed areas of nursing to practice in each course. It is specifically designed...

English For Nurses

Author Mallika Balu

Rs. 650

English for Nursing 2/e

Author J Sarumathi

Rs. 395

English for Nursing Students

Author S PremKumar

Rs. 295

Radical English for Nurses

Author Anujeet

Rs. 450

It deals with all parts of grammar. Text is modified from previously written material. It has been written to carry out the graduation requirements of the...

Textbook of Physiology for Nursing Students

Author Geetha, N

Rs. 895

The second edition of Textbook of Physiology for Nursing Students strictly follows the syllabus set by Nursing Council of India. As this syllabus effectively...

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