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Essentials of Management of Nursing Service & Education

Author Nisha Clement

Rs. 825

This book has been prepared as per Indian Nursing Council (INC) syllabus. Contents are divided into 25 chapters. Each chapter is written in simple and lucid...

Leadership and Management for Nurses

Author Pramila Thapa

Rs. 525

Leadership and Management for Nurses, 1st edition, provides a valuable practice resource for health service management students and managers. While new...

Manual Handling for Nurses

Author AM Rajnikanth

Rs. 425

Nursing Administration

Author BT Basavanthappa

Rs. 1275

The purpose of this book is to assimilate the new insight from nursing into well-established concepts of administration and cover the management facts of an...

Principles and Practice of Nursing Management and Administration for BSc and MSc Nursing

Author Jogindra Vati

Rs. 925

Some of the important features of the 2nd edition of this book are as follows: Updated Content: The emphasis has been made on clarity and accuracy of the...

Professionalism, Professional Values and Ethics in Nursing

Author Suresh K Sharma, Asha P Shetty

Rs. 395

Professionalism, Professional Values and Ethics in Nursing is precisely written as per the revised Indian Nursing Council Syllabus for the Basic BSc Nursing...

Textbook of Nursing Management and Services For BSc and Post Basic Nursing

Author Sukhbir Kaur

Rs. 925

This book contains the latest topics as per the new and old Indian Nursing Council (INC) syllabus. Topics are widely covered giving a holistic view. With the...

Textbook on Professional Trends and Adjustments in Nursing for General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM)

Author I Clement

Rs. 775

This book has fourteen sections incorporated in sixty-eight chapters illustrated in simple English. Each chapter has adequate diagrams and tables; it also has...

Textbook on Ward management in Nursing Practice

Author I Clement

Rs. 625

This book has 6 sections with 50 chapters written in simple language; illustrated with adequate diagrams and tables the book helps the nursing student as well...

Ward Management and Administration for Nurses

Author Manjubala Dash

Rs. 475

The book has 8 chapters related to hospital activities and the role of the nurse as a leader, planner, organizer, delegator, coordinator, educator, counselor,...

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