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Anthikad’s Applied Psychology for Graduate Nurses (General and Educational Psychology)

Author Revised and Edited by Deepa Marina Rasquinha

Rs. 550

The book “Anthikad’s Applied Psychology for Graduate Nurses” authored by Dr Deepa provides a simple and clear explanation of the concepts in Psychology that...

Applied Psychology for Nurses

Author AN Venkatesh Reddy

Rs. 495

Applied Psychology for Nurses has been prepared for undergraduate students of nursing. This book is based on the revised syllabus (2021) of Indian Nursing...

Applied Sociology & Psychology for Nurses

Author Shiv Shankar Tyagi, Priyanka Tyagi

Rs. 595

This applied sociology textbook is written for students of BSc Nursing course as per Indian Nursing Council (INC) new syllabus 2021. Its goal is to give...

Applied Sociology for Nurses

Author R Sreevani

Rs. 495

The book covers the basic principles of sociology with due reference to nursing. Matter has been presented in a simple and lucid style to stimulate ...

Applied Sociology for Nursing & Allied Health Sciences

Author Tara Madhusudan

Rs. 495

This book attempts to give a better understanding of man and society by dealing with the processes of socialization, social processes, social group like family...

Handbook of Medical Sociology for Nursing, Physiotherapy and Paramedical Students

Author Varun Malhotra, Ritika Malhotra

Rs. 395

The objective of the book is neither to wean medical and paramedical students away from in-depth study of the subject nor to prevent learning it through...

Psychology and Sociology (In Hindi)

Author Arjita Sengar

Rs. 295

Psychology and Sociology for GNM and BPT Students

Author Jacob Anthikad

Rs. 550

The Indian Nursing Council, in their latest syllabus, introduced a separate paper for Behavioural Sciences in II GNM, recognising the growing relevance of...

Psychology and Sociology for Paramedicals

Author B Subbarao

Rs. 350

Psychology and Sociology Nursing for GNM (1st Year)

Author Poonam Sharda

Rs. 250

Psychology for Nurses

Author M Basavanna

Rs. 750

By the time you complete studying this book, you will have a fairly good view of contemporary psychology. An attempt is made here to introduce you to a broad,...

Sociology for Nursing & Health Sciences

Author GS Purushothama

Rs. 450

• The new and enlarged edition marks an improvement in volume as well as in quality.

• Designed on the prescribed guidelines of Nursing Council of...

Sociology for Physiotherapists and Nurses

Author Dibyendunarayan Bid, Thangamani Ramalingam A

Rs. 450

This book specifically meets the requirements of syllabus of various universities in this subject for physiotherapy and nursing students. Five new and...

Sociology in Nursing Globe

Author Kavitha VRS

Rs. 450

Textbook of Applied Psychology

Author Sukhbir Kaur, Co-author: Onkardeep Kaur

Rs. 495

This book contains the latest curriculum as per the new revised INC syllabus. Topics are widely covered giving a holistic view. With the developments in the...

Textbook of Applied Sociology for Nurses

Author TK Indrani, Alisha Talwar

Rs. 595

This textbook attempts to meet the educational and professional needs of the students and nurses to strengthen the services to the patients and the society....

Textbook of Psychology & Sociology for GNM Students

Author Navdeep Bansal, Rekha Rani Nar

Rs. 395

This edition provides coverage of topics those are included in nursing curriculum prescribed by INC syllabus. The text is divided into two sections: Psychology...

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