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Short Review of Tumour
Rachna Chaurasia MD Radiodiagnosis
Anshul Jain MD Anaesthesia

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Publish Year2010
Size7.25" X 9.5"
Cover TypePaper Back
Quick Overview
This new edition is thoroughly revised and updated from the latest edition of standard books, viz. Devita 8/e,Harrison 17/e, Robbins 8/e, Love & Bailey 25/e, Schwartz 9/e, CMDT 2010, CSDT 13/e, Wintrobes 12/e etc. Due to significant changes in all aspects of tumor, old questions have been removed to avoid confusion text has been made more simpler and easy to increase the efficiency of the book.
Key Features
• Covers the toughest part of PGMEE papers; as most of the questions are new.

• Concises all tumours under one cover to make each tumour easy to learn and easy to revise.

• Review of every tumour is followed by its question with the explanations.

• Detailed review of every tumour helps in solving new questions.

• Over 400 tables and 250 mnemonics make the difficult task, a game of children.

• Page number of standard books in controversial points saves your time.

• Covers "Chemotherapy" and "Radiotherapy" too.

• Ensures you can solve 15% questions of every PGMEE correctly.
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