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Reproductive Medicine: Challenges, Solutions and Breakthroughs
Sulbha Arora MD DNB
Rubina Merchant PhD

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Publish Year2014
Size8.5" X 11"
cover TypeHard Back
Quick Overview
Gynecologists, ART Practitioners and especially, students of Infertility rely heavily on the experience and publishing of others to improve their own techniques. Reproductive Medicine is a young science and as such, all innovations are happening in our lifetime by our seniors, peers and even by young stars in the field. In this comprehensive compilation, Reproductive Medicine: Challenges, Solutions and Breakthroughs, we aim to offer an easy approach to current concepts and advances on far-ranging topics by experts from several countries, pioneering in Fertility studies. The fourteen distinct sections of the textbook deal with every aspect of Reproductive Medicine. The textbook begins with an in-depth analysis of diagnostic techniques and fertility-enhancing endoscopic procedures. Ovarian Stimulation Protocols are covered next, followed by a section on Contemporary Clinical Management. Various assisted reproductive techniques, as well as their complications, are addressed in the next sections. There are also sections on the ART Laboratory, Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis, Current Concepts in the field of Male Infertility, Ultrasound, Regulation of ART and Marketing and Advertising of ART Centers. The textbook does not just skim through these topics; instead, it takes a deeper look at issues and concerns and examines them as a reader would.
Key Features
Reproductive Medicine and the field of assisted reproduction has never seemed more promising, yet more challenging. In the strife to give and get the best, the gush of advances in endoscopy, molecular biology, drug technology, and assisted reproduction techniques have resulted in the emergence of new concepts, taking clinical and laboratory practice to undaunted heights. Third party reproduction, promoted by cross-border reproductive tourism and the boon of new cryopreservation techniques, is celebrated now like never before, regardless of traditional societal obligations or the pressure of age or time, to satisfy the unanimous motive for a child.

The first global cooperation between Indian and French doctors was the Indo-French Congress on Gynecologic Endoscopy, Ultrasound and Infertility, organized by Rotunda- The Center for Human Reproduction, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. The mystic city ofVaranasi, Uttar Pradesh, India played the perfect host to the exploration of the feminine mystique and medical possibilities. This was the first global cooperation between Indian and French doctors in the field and was a milestone in related academia on the Indian subcontinent. The idea of compiling a textbook with Indian and French authors, contributing their experience, was initiated by Dr Gautam N Allahbadia and Professor Rene Frydman. The authors also invited experts from other French-speaking countries to contribute chapters as well.

This is a meticulously designed volume and a detailed insight into how the most complex clinical and laboratory situations can be tackled to realize success. The book is divided into 14 distinct sections, with 89 methodically listed chapters enriched with the knowledge and evidence-based clinical and research experience of world authorities in the field, the book leaves no stone unturned. From gynecological endoscopy, ultrasonography, ovarian stimulation protocols, contemporary clinical management, ART outcomes, regulations, laboratory management and its future to preimplantation genetic diagnosis and beyond, the book has it all, being well-equipped to reach out to practicing clinicians, technicians, researchers, students in training or just the anxious patient grouping for the right knowledge in this vast field. By bringing experts to this common forum of expression, the editors aim to disseminate clinically useful knowledge in reproductive medicine with tailored solutions to problems that should pave the way for conceptually clear, judgmentally conscientious and long-term safe solutions punctuating the seemingly endless quest for a healthy child.
Target Audience
Gynecologists, ART Practitioners and Students of Infertility.
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