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VERTIGO—Clinical: Practice and Examination
Philip Rajan Devesahayam MBBS (Malaya) MMed ORL-HNS (USM)
Prepageran Narayanan MBBS (Malaya) MS ORL (UM) FRCS (Ed) FRCS (Glas)

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Publish Year2013
Size4.5" X 8"
cover TypePaper Back
Quick Overview
Vertigo is the feeling that everything around you is spinning or moving, which is usually caused by a problem in the inner ear, but can also be caused by vision problems. The aim of this handbook is to serve as a quick reference or introduction to the key concepts in Vertigo.
Key Features
This handbook describes step-wise key-concepts in assessing, diagnosing and managing common peripheral vestibular disorders.

Begins with introduction to key terms , causes of dizziness, the text then describes vestibular disorders, examination, investigation, principles of management and guide for managing dizzy patients.

Bonus DVD containing more than 25 videos which clearly and systematically demonstrates the neurotologic examination and significant clinical findings.

The inclusion of videos demonstrating nystagmus is one of the distinguished feature of this handbook which will provide readers with a clear understanding and interpretation of nystagmus.

Fully coloured illustrations and charts, which help to explain difficult concepts in vertigo.
Target Audience
Medical Students, Paramedics, Medical Officers, ENT Trainees, Physician/Neurology Trainees and Specialists
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