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Epidemiology of Ocular Tumors in Children and Adults
Tamara T Mouratova

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Publish Year2013
Size4.5" X 8"
cover TypeHard Back
Quick Overview
The main purpose of this book is to show the wide spectrum of the existing scientific views on age, gender, percentage, incidences, mortality and survival rates of ocular tumors and the impacts of the environment on these rates. The book collects the results of many international researchers and compares international reports looking for epidemiological studies of benign and malignant ocular tumors in children and adults with the results of own epidemiological studies of these tumors in Uzbekistan. Moreover, very few studies deal with such important problems as environmental impacts (e.g. water and soil pollution, air emissions) on incidence and mortality of patients with malignant ocular tumors. Until today, there have not been published other studies on the subject. Author has also included chapter “Classification of Ocular Tumors”, because a universal classification unifying both histological and clinical signs of all ocular tumors still have not been established, therefore, she has described the majority of ocular tumor classifications to give as more information about ocular tumor classifications as possible. On the other hand, to compare results of research work between each other, it is necessary to use similar terms to be described in a classification and application of the similar terms for medical experts internationally. Until today, there have not been any published studies on the subject.
Target Audience
Clinical and Scientific Ophthalmologists, Oncologists, Pediatricians, Epidemiologists, Social Workers, Specialists of Environmental Areas, Journalists Who are Interested in Relationship Between Incidence and Mortality from Malignant Tumors and Environment. Graduate and Postgraduate Students and for Those Interested in Epidemiology of Ocular Tumors.
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