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Treatment of Skin Diseases
JS Pasricha MD PhD
Kaushal Verma MD

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Publish Year2013
Size6.25" X 9.5"
cover TypePaper Back
Quick Overview
Dermatology has become an integral part of medical students’ training, as nearly 10 per cent of all the patients, visiting the general physicians have skin diseases. With advances in the diagnosis and treatment, it has become possible to treat nearly all the skin diseases. Newer therapeutic tools can now treat even the diseases which were considered incurable earlier. In this edition, every chapter has been thoroughly revised and updated with the addition of available information. Some newer methods of diagnosis and treatment have been incorporated while retaining some of the previous material and deleting the outdated ones. Several new photographs have been introduced and a new completely revised appendix has been put in place of ready-reference to various common drugs with their trade names and compositions.
Key Features
The sixth edition has been completely revised to include details of several of the newly developed methods of treatment. It includes numerous illustrations and color photographs.
The book highlights the salient clinical features of common dermatologic diseases supported with photographs, followed by details of the therapeutic measures which can be used to alleviate these diseases.
Information about the drugs that can be used, their dosages, possible side effects, methods of dealing with the side effects and the mode of withdrawing the drugs after clinical cure has been lucidly explained. Drugs not available in India have not been included. An appendix provides the names and the concentrations of the ingredients present in the commonly used proprietary drugs available in India.
Target Audience
Undergraduate Students, General Practitioners and Practicing Dermatologists.
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