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Nail and Its Disorders
S Sacchidanand MD DVD DHA FRCP (Glasgow)
Savitha AS MD DNB

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Publish Year2013
Size6.75" X 9.5"
cover TypePaper Back
Quick Overview
Nail is considered as a vestigial organ by some as it is a dead tissue, without realizing the varied functions it can subserve in human beings. It has evolved from the primitive role of grasping and clutching in lower animals to an organ of beautification in humans. Nail is also a mirror of internal diseases as it can depict several characteristic changes along with the skin. Examination of nail as a part of general cutaneous examination is imperative. Nail disorders may pose difficulties in diagnosis as they have limited ways of expression. Several conditions may present with similar nail changes and a single disease, for example, either psoriasis or lichen planus can present with several nail changes. Added to this, even the patients may not be concerned about the subtle changes that may be occurring in the nails, unless pointed out by the treating dermatologists or it is grossly deformed so as to cause embarrassment. Color photographs of clinical conditions, dermatoscopic images, line diagrams and other illustrations make this book easily readable and interesting. Hope this maiden venture would be adequately received by the dermatology community.
Key Features
• Nail and its Disorders is the first treatise on this subject, with colourful illustrations of the pigmented skin. This book comprehensively covers the anatomy infections, inflammatory disorders and tumours of nail apparatus. This book intends to remove the hesitancy among dermatologists to diagnose and treat nail disorders.

• The most unique feature of the book lies in the fact that the entire book is dedicated to the most neglected part of dermatology i.e. Nail Disorders

• In a reader friendly format the book attempts to familiarize the dermatologists regarding the easily treatable nail disorders. The book not only includes disorders specific to nail like Paronychia, Ingrown toe nail, nail tumours but also throws light on the changes seen in nail in various systemic and dermatological disorders.

• Separate chapters on nail changes and disorders in pediatric and geriatric age group make the understanding of physiological and diseased conditions of the nail better in these age groups.

• To perform successful nail surgery, a comprehensive understanding of nail anatomy, physiology, vascular and neural pathways supplying the nail complex and the functions and relationship of each component of the nail unit is essential. The nail surgeon should be equipped with knowledge of nail pathology, surgical techniques and instrumentation, anesthesia, preoperative evaluation, management of complications, wound care and healing after surgery. Keeping this in mind separate chapters on Anatomy of nail, Nail surgery and anaesthesia and instruments required in nail surgery are included in the book.

• Seeing the growing popularity of Nail cosmetics among dermatologists a chapter is dedicated to the subject which briefs the dermatologist about the various nail products available with their advantages and disadvantages besides the management of issues like brittle nails, soft nails etc.
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