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Manual of Heart Failure
Kanu Chatterjee MBBS FRCP (London) FRCP (Edin)

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Edition 1/e
Publish Year2014
Size 4.25" X 9.25"
Cover TypePaper Back
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Quick Overview
Heart failure is pandemic amongst industrialized nations. It is a disease with stark implications, markedly reducing life-expectancy and diminishing the quality of life. The past few years have witnessed revolutionary changes in the understanding of the pathophysiologic mechanisms and management of heart failure. This book has been designed for the readers seeking a comprehensive overview of all aspects of the disease entity. This highly illustrated book covers heart failure in detail with the discussion focusing on our current understanding and the recent advancement that is happening at a fast pace in the field. The chapters have been organized in such a way that all the aspects of heart failure are covered. The initial chapters discuss the global burden of heart failure and the challenges involved in diagnosing it. A special emphasis on systolic and diastolic heart failure has been made highlighting its pathophysiology, diagnosis, and therapeutic options. Further chapters focus on conditions associated with heart failure, such as anemia, hyponatremia and cardiorenal syndromes and acute heart failure syndromes.
Target Audience
This book will serve as a useful practical tool to all those responsible for managing patients with heart failure.

Conrad Jablonski, MD (Ochsner Clinic Foundation)


oad amalgam of heart failure processes, translating the latest relevant evidence-based literature into clinically oriented diagnostic and therapeutic treatment algorithms.


verview of a spectrum of heart failure related topics. Given the rapid development and evolution of the field of heart failure, this is a worthy objective that the authors masterfully meet through the translation of evidence-based data into practical and illustrative algorithms.


While this book is suggested as appropriate for a broad audience, it is likely most suitable for cardiology fellows rotating on a heart failure elective, dedicated heart failure nurses/nurse practitioners, or heart failure fellows as an introductory book. All contributing authors are senior level physicians with extensive clinical experience and publications in the field.


The book addresses relevant nomenclature, epidemiology, diagnostics, and therapeutics in the management of heart failure patients. The best features include distinct key point summaries, excellent text-diagram correlation, and well-defined illustrations. Subjects that are particularly well covered are anemia in heart failure, cardiorenal syndromes, hibernating myocardium, and palliative/end-of-life heart failure.


For those looking for a concise, thorough, and systematic summary of the advances in heart failure treatment, this book will not disappoint.

Beautiful aesthetics and simple to read syntax all condensed into a pocket-sized manual make this an excellent clinical reference guide.

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