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Jaypee’s Video Atlas of Operative Otorhinolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery
Bachi T Hathiram
Vicky S Khattar

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Publish Year2014
cover TypeHard Back
Quick Overview
The Atlas comprises of 195 chapters with intraoperative images and clear line diagrams/figures making it easy to understand the surgical steps. In addition to this pictoral step-by-step depiction of surgeries, there will follow a similarly exhaustive compilation of teaching DVDs, which will further enhance the learning process.
Key Features
This video atlas compliments the text atlas which has been the birth-child of a need for a single-stop for surgical skills in the field of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery, including all its allied faculties, in an attempt to bring a global perspective under one roof.

The emphasis is on surgical technique, and most chapters would thus focus on this aspect mainly.

Surgical training can only be complete when reinforced with a visual input.

This video atlas is an added tool to recapitulate each surgical procedure as if watching it in real time.

We have attempted to painstakingly compile surgical procedures as performed by experts in their field from across the globe.

This will enable the learner to view each surgical procedure at leisure, when the mind is at its imbibing best, with the added advantage of replaying the videos so as to understand the finer nuances of surgery.

Target Audience
Trainee surgeons as well as specialists in the field.
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