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Textbook of Vertigo: Diagnosis and Management
Francesco Dispenza MD PhD
Alessandro De Stefano MD PhD

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Publish Year2014
Size7.25" X 10.25"
cover TypeHard Back
Quick Overview
The vertigo is one of the commonest symptoms complained by patients. It is also a symptom variously referred by patients and may be present in several diseases. Therefore, this book could be a helpful tool for all physicians approaching patients with vertigo or dizziness. The general practitioner may learn how to approach a dizzy patient with basic steps ranging from the physical examination to instrumental tests. However, the book could be useful to specialist like Otorhinolaryngologist and Neurologist, who may read the latest updates on instrumental examination, therapy and rehabilitation of dizzy patients, as well as find in a single book the various approach to diagnose and treat several inner ear diseases causing vertigo.

The book had the contribution of eminent specialists worldwide that shared their experience with clear and synthetic chapters. The Editors Dr Francesco Dispenza and Dr Alessandro De Stefano have collected together the experiences of colleagues from America to Asia passing through Europe to give to the reader the most complete picture possible. The reader will be supported by about 1000 references, including cornerstone papers and recent bibliography that will help to study in deep the vertigo, a complex symptom that must be known.
Key Features
• All features of vertigo are discussed from diagnosis to management

• 20 chapters about all fields of vertigo

• More than 30 expert authors from several countries worldwide

• About 1000 references cited

• Chapters dedicated to specific inner ear diseases

• Approach to dizzy patients

• Discussion about medical therapy

• Instrumental diagnosis for vertigo.
Target Audience
Otorhinolaryngologist and Neurologist.
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