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Five Steps to Start Your Refractive Surgery: A Case-Based Systematic Approach
Mazen M Sinjab MD MS CAB (Ophth) PhD

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Edition 1/e
Publish Year2014
Size 6.75" X 9.5"
Cover TypePaper Back
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Quick Overview
Refractive surgery is one of the major fields in ophthalmology. It is a rapidly growing and developing field. A better understanding of corneal biomechanics, etiology of complications and pathophysiology has added a lot to this field in terms of improving diagnostic devices, laser profiles, surgical techniques and IOL technology; but above all, a better approach of the candidate. The reader will find in this book a modern perspective on this field. A five-step systematic approach is applied in this book.

It is hoped that readers will find in this book the requisite links between the science and practice of refractive surgery. The surgical outcomes and quality of life of patients undergoing refractive surgery has steadily improved. The promise of refractive surgery rests in our singular focus on our patients’ quality of life and quality of vision. Continued improvements in our field are dependent on enhanced technologies and superior training.

Although this book is aimed at all those who need some initial assistance in starting their refractive surgery, this book is also aimed at providing current and future refractive surgeons with up-to-date information.
Key Features
This is the first book in the "Five Steps To" series. In this book, "five steps" were systematically designed to cover basic principles, surgical concepts and techniques. In addition, readers will find detailed discussions and expert guidance on topography, tomography, wavefront technology, anterior OCT imaging, major refractive options, expert clinical rules and recommendations, thorough approach of the candidate, avoidable complications and nine cases studied in a systematic step-by-step approach.

The importance of this book comes from its systematic way in building simple but strong correlation between basics and clinical interpretation. The strategy in compiling this book is combining excellence in pictorial quality with a concise, ordered and direct-to-the-point text. In addition, the book's concise and practical format makes it ideal for reference in the OR.

All the above points make this book unique and pioneer in this field and put it in the frontline among other competitive books, if any.
Target Audience
Future Refractive Surgeons.
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