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Principles and Practice of Vitreoretinal Surgery
Narendran V DO DNB
Abhishek R Kothari MS FRCS

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Publish Year2014
Size8.5" X 11"
cover TypeHard Back
Quick Overview
The primary goal of this text is to put forth principles of vitreoretinal surgery in an understandable format and to describe techniques, from basic to advanced, used by surgeons the world over in their practices. In the book, we have aimed to cover widely employed, established techniques along with more recent and complicated procedures limited to a few centers as of now, but that offer promise. New knowledge and developments have been incorporated along with practical gems from recognized experts from the world over. The book provides a comprehensive core of information for the trainee reader. To the practicing surgeon, it offers a master class in specific topics by recognized experts.
Key Features
Developments in vitreoretinal surgery have transformed its practice worldwide.

New knowledge constantly refines the principles that form the basis of our surgical techniques.

Powered by the experience of vitreoretinal experts from across the globe, this book offers the reader a distillate of vitreoretinal surgical knowledge.

The text combines descriptions of principles and conventional techniques along with innovative approaches to challenges faced by a vitreoretinal surgeon.

The comprehensive coverage of all aspects of vitreoretinal surgery, from basic instrumentation to futuristic trends like endoscopic surgery and virtual reality training, makes it useful to surgeons with a range of experience from novice to the expert.

Several new topics of use to entry level surgeons are included.

The text focuses on an unbiased mix of conventional and modern techniques for a balanced orientation of the learner.

Authorities in particular fields present unique approaches to similar problems and discuss their specific advantages and applications.

For the practicing surgeon, the book presents a masterclass on emerging trends and recent advances in the management of vitreoretinal diseases.

Target Audience
Vitreoretinal Surgeon.
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