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MCQs in General Medicine for Dental Students: A System-Based Approach with Dental Management Considerations
SR Prabhu BDS MDS FDS RCS (Edin)
FFD RCSI (Oral Med) FDSRCPS (Glasg)
FDS RCS (Eng) MO Med RCS (Edin)

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Publish Year2014
Size5.5" X 8.5"
cover TypePaper Back
Quick Overview
Multiple choice questions (MCQs) have become one of the common methods of assessment of student knowledge in health sciences education including dentistry. MCQs are questions that offer multiple answers from which the correct one or ones must be chosen by the candidate taking the examination. MCQs that are being commonly used in health science disciplines are of two types namely; single-bestanswer type and multiple true/false type. In the single-best-answer type of MCQs, a stem question asks the candidate to choose one best answer from a set of four or five options. In this book single-bestanswer type of MCQs has been used.

System-based approach has been used in this book. This approach would give an opportunity to the student to revise the subject matter and also to remember the correct answer from the answers provided at the end of each topic. The MCQs have been designed in such a way that they closely resemble the type of questions frequently asked in examinations conducted in many universities. With regard to the subject matter and its application to dental practice, care has been taken to cover the syllabi of several major universities worldwide. Faculty teaching the subject of general medicine would find this volume useful in choosing system-based questions and preparing an MCQs paper of their own choice. This can form an MCQs bank for students and staff alike. At the end of the book a sample paper with 60 MCQs is also provided covering all relevant topics.
Key Features
• It includes over 800 mUltiple choice questions and answers.

• Offers a system-based approach covering a broad range of topics.

• Provides a practical way of testing students knowledge and recall of information.

• A perfect tool for exam success.

• Provides essential resource material for dental and medical faculty involved in teaching and examining dental students.
Target Audience
Useful for Dental Students and Teaching Staff.
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