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Recent Advances in Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery (Vol. 3)
Anil K Lalwani MD
Markus HF Pfister MD

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Publish Year2014
Size6.25" X 9.5"
cover TypePaper Back
Quick Overview
The 21st century Otolaryngologist is fortunate to practice in an era of technological and technical advance unprecedented in the history of medicine. The pace of new knowledge very quickly leaves our prior training obsolete: the half-life of medical knowledge is now under five years. From the newest techniques for treatment of CSF leak, sleep apnea, vascular anomalies and airway obstruction to personalized treatment for head and neck cancer and the emergence of the new subspecialty of geriatric otolaryngology, the Otolaryngologist is struggling to stay abrest of innovations that directly impact patient care. Recent Advances in Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, 3rd volume, has been designed to meet the need of the busy practicing clinician to efficiently keep current with what is new in each of the subspecialties of Otolaryngology. All of the chapters have been contributed by leading experts in the field. Due to its rapid publication cycle, the material is current, topical, and immediately relevant to the clinician.
Key Features
• Robotics in Sleep Apnea

• Image Guidance in Sinus Surgery

• Endoscopic Surgery for CSF Leaks

• Personalized Therapy for Head and Neck Cancer

• Hypoglossal Nerve Stimulation for Obstructive Sleep Apnea

• Endoscopic Ear Surgery

• It covers all the subspecialties of Otolaryngology.

• Rapid publication cycle-less than 6 months from submission of manuscript to publication to ensure that content is current.

• Clear artwork rendered in color to convey new concepts and surgical approaches.

• Outstanding international editorial board.
Target Audience

Alan Micco, MD(Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine)


This book provides an up-to-date discussion of aspects of otolaryngology that are new to the field.


The purpose is to address the advances in the field of otolaryngology. As the field is constantly advancing, this is a worthy objective.


The book is written for otolaryngology residents or attendings. This is the appropriate audience.


The book uses an organized approach to discuss "hot topics" in ENT that are coming out of meetings and current literature. It divides the field up by topic, hitting the pertinent points and using helpful illustrations.


This is a useful contribution to the book literature in otolaryngology.

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