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Introductory Head and Neck Imaging
Eugene Yu MD FRCPC
Lalitha Shankar MD FRCPC

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Publish Year2014
Size4.75" X 6.75"
cover TypePaper Back
Quick Overview
This textbook is an introduction to the field of head and neck imaging. This work is intended primarily for radiology residents and neuroradiology fellows and its goal is to provide a solid foundation upon which the reader can build and develop their knowledge and comprehension of this fascinating subspecialty.

Each of the chapters focuses on a particular anatomic region of the extracranial head and neck. Chapters begin by introducing the reader to the imaging anatomy of that particular area. This is followed by a discussion and review of some of the more common pathologic entities that affect that particular region of anatomy. The textbook also includes an introductory chapter on the Introduction of Radiation Oncology.
Key Features
• This book is most comprehensive text.

• Written in straightforward, clear, lucid and easy to grasp language.

• Covers the various components of head and neck imaging.

• Helpful for radiology residents, neuroradiology fellows and general radiologists.

• Each of the chapters focuses on a particular anatomic region of the extracranial head and neck and also included an introductory chapter on the introduction of Radiation Oncology.

• Asset to radiologists-in-training, fellows, general radiologists and also physicians in affiliated specialties such as otolaryngology, and radiation oncology.
Target Audience
Useful for Radiologists-in-training, Fellows, General Radiologists and also Physicians in Affiliated Specialties such as Otolaryngology, and Radiation Oncology.
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