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Basic Science for Modern Cosmetic Dermatology
Chakaravarthi Srinivas MD FRCP
Michèle Verschoore MD
Claire Battie PharmD

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Publish Year2015
Size8" X 10"
cover TypeHard Back
FormatFour Color
Quick Overview
This textbook is the fruit of intense dialog and work between renowned Indian dermatologists with expertise in Cosmetic Dermatology and international scientists known for their excellence in basic Cosmetic Science. This textbook is aimed at readers who wish to have a broad overview of cosmetic dermatology including the most recent advances in basic Cosmetic Science. It will help each Indian practitioner to better apprehend the science behind modern cosmetics and guide him or her towards adapted cosmetic recommendations for each patient. Each chapter was co-written by Indian experts and International experts, and this methodology has resulted in outstanding mutual understanding. I wish to thank all authors for this intensive work leading to this positive outcome.
Key Features
Cosmetic Dermatology is a science that endeavors to define the most appropriate preventive and therapeutic measures for skin and hair care. With the increase in life expectancy worldwide, a preventive approach with cosmetics is particularly important, and is sustained by numerous scientific works.

This book gathers together advances in the basic science in cosmetic dermatology for a better understanding of physiology that underlies the most relevant prevention strategies for a maintenance of healthy hair and skin, with a specific focus for Indian population.

Tremendous progress has been made in recent years in developing new tools for research, especially in molecular biology, genomics and proteomics. These breakthroughs afford a better knowledge of the skin and hair diversity, taking into account innate characteristics and environmental influences, such as weather variations and cultural habits.

The authors, clinical dermatologists and scientists, both Indian and international, have made these innovations in cosmetic science relevant to all Indian dermatologists.
Target Audience
This textbook to be useful to practicing cosmetic dermatologists through its updated approach to Cosmetic Science.
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