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Animal Cancers: Trends in Diagnosis, Treatment and Management
K Dhama MVSc PhD (Gold Medalist)
RB Bind MSc PhD

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Publish Year2015
Size6.75" X 9.5"
cover TypePaper Back
FormatSingle Color
Quick Overview
This book is unique, covering the deadly malady on cancers in animals focusing recent trends in diagnosis, treatment and management that would attract researchers, scholars, scientists, professors and academicians from various life sciences institutes, universities and colleges related to veterinary sciences and animal husbandry, and toxicological industries.
Key Features
Cancer is an abnormal growth of cells which tend to proliferate in an uncontrolled way and serving no useful function. Cancer is not one disease but it is a group of several different and distinctive fatal diseases which occurs in man and animals. Amongst animals, canines, poultry, bovines, equines and laboratory animals are the most frequently affected species. In cows and buffaloes, ethmoid carcinoma, horn cancer, eye cancer, lymphosarcoma, urinary bladder cancer (of enzootic bovine hematuria), etc. are common malignancies. Cutaneous warts are benign conditions. Similarly amongst dogs, mammary tumors, venereal tumors and skin tumors are major problems. In recent years, investigations have been conducted in canine mammary tumors using immunohistochemistry and molecular tools. Poultry viral neoplasms include, Marek's disease, avian leukosis complex, Rous sarcoma, etc. Cancers are also threat to wildlife and laboratory animals. Numerous sporadic case reports are available in literature on these ailments. Mycotoxins-like aflatoxin B1 are affecting wide variety of species of animals and birds and causing hepatic cancers.

Statistical data is not available on animal cancers in India owing to lack of importance as compared to economically important infectious diseases. Animal cancer study is mostly limited to case description and reporting. Compared to human medicine, veterinary medicine is lagging behind in early diagnosis and the therapeutic aspects of cancers. Some of these cancers are covered in 24 chapters of the present book by leading national experts. Since no such book is available on the topic in veterinary medicine, therefore, present title Animal Cancers: Trends in Diagnosis, Treatment and Management is unique and timely covering the deadly malady on cancers in animals focusing on recent trends in diagnosis, treatment and management. This book will not only be useful to veterinarians but also to scholars and academicians of various life science Institutes, Universities and Toxicology Industries.
Target Audience
Veterinary Students
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