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Snapshots in Ear, Nose and Throat
Santosh Kumar Swain MS (ENT) DNB (ENT) MNAMS Fellowship in Neuro-otology

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Publish Year2016
Size4.75" X 6"
cover TypePaper Back
Weight (Grams) 500
Quick Overview
This book would be useful in the day-to-day clinical practice of ear, nose and throat.
Key Features
• Explains all the topics in a simple and concise manner

• The material are easily grasped and give readymade help to interns, residents, consultants and in particular, undergraduate students during patient management

• Useful during preparation of university examination or postgraduate entrance examination

• It is a very simplified version of the large volume textbook

• The book will help acquire mastery in the subject over a quick period of time.
Target Audience
Undergraduate students, interns and practitioners.

Alexander Schneider, MD(Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine)


This concise review book presents the anatomy, physiology, and common pathology in otolaryngology, as well as common procedures. The photos are excellent. This is a good review for beginning or junior resident-level trainees.


The purpose is to present all the important topics of otorhinolaryngology that are likely to be encountered in a clinical practice in the form of brief snapshots.


The author intends this book for busy undergraduate students, interns, and practitioners who do not have enough time to go through a textbook. However, the book is most suitable for medical students who want to delve into everyday clinical otolaryngology as well as for junior residents.


This book covers the anatomy, physiology, and common pathology of the organ systems involved in otology, rhinology, and the upper aerodigestive tract. It also covers common surgical interventions in otolaryngology-head and neck surgery and discusses recent advances in the field. The book does an excellent job of highlighting salient features of common clinical pathology in otolaryngology. The most important facts are brought to the forefront and are nicely highlighted with excellent photos. The color art is of great value. The only shortcoming of the book is that inherent in any short review book, which is the lack of comprehensiveness.


This is a well-written concise review that highlights common pathology in the area of otolaryngology-head and neck surgery. The high-quality color photos distinguish it from similar short review books.

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