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Clinical Anatomy: A Problem Solving Approach (2 Volumes) with DVD-ROM
Neeta V Kulkarni MD

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Edition 3/e
Publish Year2016
Size 8.5" X 11"
Cover TypeHard Back
With CD/DVD Yes
Weight (Grams) 2550
Quick Overview
In an attempt to make learning anatomy less stressful for undergraduates, some new student-friendly ideas are introduced in the new edition.

1. Integration of anatomy and its clinical relevance in all branches of Anatomy like gross anatomy, microanatomy, osteology, embryology, radiology, etc.

2. Developing student awareness that gross anatomy can be learnt from plain radiographs, CT and MRI scans and from intraoperative photographs taken during the operation on the patient.

3. Training of students in solving clinical problems by anatomical knowledge is undertaken by exposing the students to clinicoanatomical problems (case-based problems). In this way, the students become aware about the essentiality of anatomical knowledge during clinical training.

4. Thorough revision of all the chapters (especially, general embryology, general anatomy and osteology) and addition of new educative diagrams is undertaken, keeping in mind the difficulties of students in learning anatomical facts.

5. Introduction of the so-called dialogue boxes (Student Interest) throughout the text is a novel idea for giving practical hints on how to learn a topic. The important points are re-emphasized so that the students’ interest in the topic is enhanced. The dialogue boxes also highlight Must know topics in Anatomy and are useful before the commencement of theory and practical examinations.

6. Embryologic Insight boxes highlight the precise developmental sources of the structure or organ and Clinical Correlation boxes highlight the clinical importance of the structure or structures.

7. Added Infromation boxes are for the postgraduates and the teachers. In this way, an undergraduate student is kept out of the extra burden.
The third edition of Clinical Anatomy (A Problem Solving Approach) (Volumes 1 and 2) caters to the present-day needs of the undergraduate students.
Key Features
• Volume 2 consists of three sections Abdomen, Pelvis & Perineum, Head & Neck, Vertebral Column & Spinal Cord, Cranial Cavity & Brain and Cranial Nerves

• Content is designed to provide exposure on day-to-day applications of anatomy in clinical settings and analyses

• Clinical correlations, embryologic insights, added information and student interest displayed in boxes

• Profusely expressed clinical diagrams, line diagrams, photographs have been incorporated to boost the quality of learning and understanding

• The information is maintained upto recent clinical advances, and language is kept simple and enjoyable

• Sections are accompanied with clincoanatomical problems and solutions consist of case histories followed by multiple-choice questions and answers with rationales

• Beneficial to one and all involved in providing health care.
Target Audience
Undergraduate students
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