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Hair Transplant 360: for Assistants, Volume 2
Emina Karamanovski Vance

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Publish Year2016
Size8.5" X 11"
cover TypeHard Back
FormatFour Color
Weight (Grams) 1200
Quick Overview
The content included in this book evaluates the instruments and equipment used for graft preparation, examines technique and strategies, and stresses the factors that can affect graft survival as well as promote graft preservation. This edition also covers new skills like graft extraction, as the follicular unit extraction (FUE) technique has been gaining popularity in the last several years. Furthermore, the book describes proper graft-handling and graft-placing techniques and principles that are vital for achieving good results. The sections on challenges and solutions, critical thinking, and how to identify and learn from one’s mistakes in both graft preparation and placement have been expanded and the section on assistant training updated with new inanimate models. Finally, the book is filled with pearls of wisdom that can help the new or seasoned assistant based on my accumulated 23 years of experience in this industry.
The introduction to the first edition that follows this current introduction is still entirely valid and relevant since the goals and intent have remained the same. Only the vision has been updated and the content significantly expanded. For that reason, I have asked that the publisher retain it for the readership. The book has 8 chapters, 25 videos, and hundreds of full-color, full-sized photographs.
Key Features
The second edition of Hair Transplant 360: for Assistants, Volume 2, featuring extensive study of graft preparation and placement, is thoroughly revised and expanded, as it has never been discussed anywhere before. The book also discusses a new technique for extraction of follicular unit grafts and further elaborates on bioenhancement methodologies. Videos have also been thoroughly revised and expanded.
Salient features:

• The basics of hair anatomy and hair growth cycles necessary for assisting in hair restoration

• Male and female pattern baldness, nonsurgical hair loss solutions, and the evolution of hair restoration

• Surgery overview and surgical assistant’s duties

• Graft preparation (magnification and lighting, donor-harvesting techniques, graft survival and tissue preservation, managing difficult situations during graft preparation, quality control)

• Silvering (technique, instruments used, silvering strategy, tissue preservation)

• Graft dissection (technique, instruments used, dissecting strategy, graft preservation)

• Graft extraction (technique, instruments used, dissecting strategy, graft preservation)

• Graft placement (technique, choosing the forceps, placing principles and strategies, proper graft handling and preservation, quality control, managing difficult-placement situations)

• Postoperative care, short-and long-term patient follow up

• Assistant training: Phase I and II (new inanimate models)

• Creating standardized hair-transplant photography

• Stress management.
Target Audience
Dermatologists, surgeons
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