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Medical Understanding of Yoga
Prakash C Malshe MD PGDYM

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Edition 3/e
Publish Year2018
Size 6.75" X 9.5"
Cover TypePaper Back
With CD/DVD No
FormatSingle Color
Weight (Grams) 395
Key Features
Medical Understanding of Yoga is a research-based book that reveals several facets of yoga that are unknown either to yogis or to medical doctors.

The book describes how periodic fasting can benefit people suffering from obesity, menstrual disorders and several autoimmune diseases.

Medical Understanding of Yoga states that several yogic techniques like Pranayama , Nauli-kriya and Agni-sara offer several benefits through brief intermittent hypoxia, such as increasing Nitric Oxide production, generation of collateral vessels in ischemic areas and facilitating stem-cell trafficking.

Chapters in this book discuss the positive role of air in the gastrointestinal tract, in inhibiting the causative organism of peptic ulcer, contributing to satiety and uplifting mood; and also helping release of factors that prolong life of insulin-secreting beta cells and facilitate their regeneration.

This book reveals that breath-holding beyond comfort zone switches on non-shivering thermogenesis.

Activation of parasympathetic nervous system by nose-gazing, by Aunkar japa and some other techniques and that of sympathetic nervous system through mulabandha which bring about favorable changes in heart rate and blood pressure have also been discussed.

A new twist has been given to the understanding of the well-known Suryanamaskara which, according to the author, is not a physical exercise but a great technique to fill the intestines with air, which can enable one to reduce food intake without getting the usual cravings and also inhibit several intestinal pathogens.

One can even bloat oneself to buoyancy and stay afloat on waters of immeasurable depth.

The secret air-drinking yogic technique has been revealed in this book.

With revolutionary concepts like 'Eating Protein is Madness' and possible reality and utility of Human hibernation (Hatha-yogic Samadhi) this book will serve as an invaluable companion not only for doctors but for those who are established in Yoga practice or involved in Yoga-teaching or Yoga-research.

Target Audience
Medical personnel -doctors from various streams, physiotherapists, medical students and researchers.
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