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Endoscopic Ear Surgery: A New Horizon
Saurav Sarkar MBBS MS-ENT FACS

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Edition 1/e
Publish Year2016
Size 8.5" X 11"
Cover TypePaper Back
With CD/DVD No
Weight (Grams) 350
Quick Overview
The sequence of chapters flows seamlessly from one to the other—the previous chapter laying a foundation to the next until the concept as a whole is crystal clear. The chapter on Equipment and Set Up addresses basic but often overlooked issues, such as the position of the surgeon and the endoscope placement. The chapter on Endoscopic Anatomy of the Ear explains complex nuances especially those of the middle ear spaces brilliantly. The diagrammatic representation of these spaces is beautifully and clearly illustrated.
The chapter on Diagnostic Otoendoscopy is a ‘must read’ for all postgraduate students as it comprehensively covers most of the middle ear pathologies so important for the ‘long case’ of the MS examination. The photographs themselves are very well taken. The different ear surgeries are explained in increasing order of difficulty—the steps of each procedure being described in detail. The book ends on a mature and balanced note, discussing both the advantages and the limitations of the endoscope vis-a-vis the microscope.
Key Features
Endoscopic Ear Surgery: A New Horizon is a new kid in the huge world of Otosurgery.

This book aims at providing guidance to beginners who intend to venture into Otosurgery.

With chapters ranging from diagnostic endoscopy of ear to endoscopic tympanoplasty to endoscopic intratympanic injection and stapedotomy, etc.

along with colored photographs of the procedures makes this book interesting.

In this book, the author guides the reader through his practical experiences in Otosurgery.

This will enable readers to subvert the obstacles faced by the author during his course of various endoscopic otosurgeries.

Thus, making the journey of the reader smooth and enjoyable.

Target Audience
Undergraduate and postgraduate students.
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