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Practical Handbook of OCT Angiography
Bruno Lumbroso MD
David Huang MD PhD
Eric Souied MD PhD
Marco Rispoli MD

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Publish Year2016
Size6.75" X 9.5"
cover TypeHard Back
FormatFour Color
Key Features
• Shows OCT angiography as a revolutionary development in ocular imaging

• Offers a step-by-step guide for interpreting the new images and data acquired by OCT angiography

• The noninvasive dyeless OCT angiography is taking an important place as diagnostic tool in everyday ophthalmology, as complement of, and in part replacing fluorescein angiography

• Allows to use the OCT angiography technology for studying inner and outer retina disorders, both qualitatively and quantitatively and classifying choroidal neovascularization (CNV) in a noninvasive manner, highlighting morphology, flow and depth

• Gives new technical and clinical information in the study of glaucoma

• Involves a technical dimension and an intellectual aspect in the assessment and interpretation activity

• Teaches a logical method of analysis and interpretation of the clinical images to help and guide the clinician in assessing, classifying and selecting information.
Target Audience
Will help ophthalmologists, residents, ophthalmic technicians and optometrists in everyday clinical work, understanding and appreciating the new possibilities offered by OCT angiography imaging.
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