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Modern Day Management of Headache: Questions and Answers
K Ravishankar MD
Randolph W Evans MD
Shuu-Jiun Wang MD

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Publish Year2017
Size6.25" X 9.5"
cover TypePaper Back
FormatTwo Color
Weight (Grams) 905
Quick Overview
Modern Day Management of Headache promises to bridge the gap between theory and practice with the most current information presented in a comprehensive cogent and intuitive question and answer format. Headache is a ubiquitous symptom, a manifestation of morbid diseases, and a clinical feature of a host of primary neurological diseases. The diagnostic approach, therefore, to such a pervasive symptom with a plethora of underlying causes requires considerable clinical prowess—this book brings several steps closer to refining that skill.
Key Features
• A comprehensive resource providing up-to-date information in an easy to read question and answer format

• The book is divided into sections covering both primary and secondary headaches

• Discussion of special topics including headache in children, in the elderly, in women during pregnancy and post-partum, and complementary and alternative treatments

• Special chapter on ‘Headache in Asia’ – how they are different?

• Contributing authors of international repute, well known for their clinical and research expertise.
Target Audience
Neurologists, headache specialists, primary care physicians, and trainees.
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