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MCQs in Mechanical Ventilation: A Case-based Approach
Sanjith Saseedharan DA (Univ) DA (CPS) IDCCM FNNCC (Israel) EDICM

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Publish Year2017
Size5.5" X 8.5"
Cover TypePaper Back
FormatSingle Color
Weight (Grams) 240
Quick Overview
This book has a unique content and structure for an in-depth study and discussion in mechanical ventilation. Needless to say that mechanical ventilation is one of the backbones in the intensive care unit. Anyone who intends to practice the art of critical care needs to have a multidimensional knowledge of all the scenarios that he/she would encounter during mechanical ventilation. Anticipated and unanticipated events crop up with mechanical ventilation and so anyone involved in the care of such patients, needs the knowledge and acumen to deal with such events. This book consists of 8 chapters written in the form of case scenarios, each with question and multiple choice answers. A thorough discussion and explanation of each answer bringing out the reasoning of the right as well as the wrong answer. This is probably an unconventional approach to an in-depth study in mechanical ventilation.
Key Features
• Case-based

• Problem-based solving approach

• Multiple-choice questions

• All explanations provided (including explanations for the wrong answers)\

• Relevant references provided

• Easy reading

• Day-to-day problems addressed.
Target Audience
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