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Intraoperative Imaging in Neurosurgery
Karanjit Singh Narang
Ajaya Nand Jha

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Publish Year2017
Size8.5" X 11"
cover TypeHard Back
FormatFour Color
Weight (Grams) 975
Key Features
• Elaborates on intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), intraoperative computed tomography, and 3D intraoperative ultrasonography precisely while also dealing with some specific surgeries that utilises the imaging modality to help make neurosurgery more safe and precise.

• Summed up in 18 chapters, incorporates topics like role of intraoperative imaging in neurosurgery, low-field intraoperative MRI, two room vs single room intraoperative MRI setup, anesthesia for intraoperative MRI, ALA dye in high-grade gliomas, to name a few.

• Describes the intraoperative MRI of brain that allows visualization of complex three-dimensional structures in the brain during surgery to guide the removal of brain tumors and other lesions in the brain.

• Specific surgeries that may incorporate intraoperative imaging are also discussed in separate chapters, like epilepsy surgery, pituitary surgeries, skull-base surgeries, cerebrovascular surgeries, etc.

• A separate chapter on multimodality image-guided operating suite explaining the tremendous opportunities in addressing many of the challenging areas of neurosurgical practice.
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