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Systemic Drugs in Dermatology
Editor: Kabir Sardana MD DNB MNAMS

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Publish Year2022
Size6.25" x 9.5"
cover TypePaper Back
FormatFour Color
Quick Overview
The book has been practically rewritten with varying degrees of changes in chapters though some would seem to be similar to the last edition. Each chapter begins with an overview and the drugs part has a table on monitoring protocols. We have attempted to make the section easy to read and practical apart from redoing almost all the diagrams that depict the mechanism of action of drugs. We have added a drug overview which can serve as a “birds eye” view of the drug for the busy reader. Also, we have changed the headings into easy to read sections with color coded text highlighting aspects of interest like “Uses” which is in green font. A special “Patient Advise” box has been added.
Key Features
  • Updated drug book covering established and novel biological drugs.
  • Chapters written by practicing dermatologists with emphasis on real-world practice issues.
  • Edited by an author in institutional academic practice with extensive experience of both in-patient and outpatient and postgraduate training for 20 years.
  • Extensive research experience with numerous PubMed cited publications on systemic drugs in dermatology.
  • Ideal for institutional and clinical practice and postgraduate training.

  • What’s New?
  • Drug overview and detailed schematic action of each drug.
  • Summary of indications, uses and monitoring of drugs in tabular form.
  • Emphasis on clinical uses of drugs.
  • Pre- and post-image of published cases.
  • Color coded headers for easy readability.
  • Patient advise for drugs to anticipate side effects and medicolegal hazards.
Target Audience
Dermatologists and Trainees
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