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Practical Pathology

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Edition 5/e
Publish Year2021
Size 8.5" x 11"
Cover TypePaper Back
With CD/DVD No
FormatFour Color
Weight (Grams) 600 Grams
Quick Overview
Fifth revised edition of Practical Pathology provides a comprehensive coverage of various topics based on Competency-based Medical Education, NMC, India, with emphasis on honing the skills in acquiring basic practical knowledge in diagnostic pathology and simultaneously preparing the students for viva voce exam.
Key Features
  • As per Competency-based Medical Education- Includes 8 sections containing 64 exercises prepared on the pattern of practical class of students: Basic Techniques in Pathology, General Principles of Pathology, Basic Diagnostic Cytology, Haematology, Lymphoid Tissues and Transfusion, Clinical and Applied Pathology, Pathology of Systems, Basics of Autopsy Pathology, and Appendices (Common Instruments in Pathology, Common Similes in Pathology, and Normal Values).
  • Colour-coded Stratification of Competencies- Colour-coded list of competencies/outcomes as per CBME curriculum given in the beginning of each exercise for segregating them in accordance with their relative significance and requirement of the students as: Core (Must Know), Non-core (Desirable to Know), Integrated Learning, and Additional knowledge.
  • Newer Images of High Quality- Many gross and microscopic images added and several replaced with better quality, adding more value and clarity in understanding morphologic pathology for the beginner students.
  • Key Questions for Viva Voce- Important short questions with their brief answers at the end of each exercise, based on the core content covered in that exercise. These are the usual questions which the students are often asked in their viva voce, in ward rounds or in clinic which is likely to help the students in facing exam confidently and for self-test.
  • Complimentary Online Learning Resource- Includes two sections: a section on 10 structured CPCs (text and illustrations) representing different organ systems and common diseases, and the second section on Quick Review of Pathology Museum that includes images and legends of 108 gross specimens from pathology museum of common conditions for quick review of must know specimens for students.
Target Audience
• Medical Students
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