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A Short Textbook of Pathology
Md Tahminur Rahman Sajal MBBS (DMC) M Phil (Pathology, DU)
PhD (Med Science, DU)
Hosne Ara Tahmin Charu MBBS (DMC) M Phil (Anatomy, DU)
MSc (Anatomy and Experimental Pathology, UK)
M Phil (Anatomy and Cell Biology, UK)
FCPS (Honorary BCPS, BD)
Tabassum Tahmin Sajani MBBS (BMC)
Tanjila Tahmin Sarnali MBBS (BMC)

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Publish Year2013
Size6.25" X 9.5"
cover TypePaper Back
Quick Overview
A Short Textbook of Pathology, Second edition is written with a background of clearly describing and highlighting the main features of different topics in pathology. It has touched different histological techniques and laboratory tests performed. The book also contains questions of Second Professional MBBS Examination. The overall aim of the authors is to help the undergraduate students to gain the main basic knowledge in pathology. General contents of the book include General Pathology, Systemic Pathology, Hematology and Clinical Pathology because of the earlier publication on the subjects by the authors.
Key Features
This book was published by the authors at their own effort, cost and sincerity in 2009 in Dhaka, Bangladesh with a clear aim to understand the subject Pathology in a simple and easy way.

The book includes General Pathology, Systemic Pathology, Hematology, Clinical Pathology, and Molecular Techniques covering the undergraduate course and curriculum as laid down by the BMDC and also University questions are attached and a practical notebook guide is added to appendix which will help the students.

The book will also help health system allied specialties like paramedics, nurses, laboratory medicine and even postgraduate students, who are willing and preparing to appear in different postgraduate examinations in Pathology.

The main topics of General Pathology, Systemic Pathology, Hematology, Clinical Pathology, and Molecular Techniques were chosen, wrote in a simple easy language so that the readers can understand the basics in Pathology which is very important part of medical education and service.

Molecular techniques like PCR, IHC.

EM flow cytometry, automation in laboratory and quality control have been included in the book as separate chapters.

Readers will get the principles, applications and procedures of these techniques in short.

There are about 80 medical colleges in Bangladesh both private and government, similar number of nursing institutes, 50 paramedical institutes offering 3 to 4 years medical technology courses, nursing institutes are running Bachelor and Master courses in nursing, postgraduate medical science courses are being taught in all Government Medical Colleges and Postgraduate Institutions of Bangladesh.

Altogether about 10,000 students are being admitted every year in these institutions in Bangladesh.

So the demand for a simple, easy understandable, handside available book on Pathology is a need of time.

Also the book will be help in medical and allied professionals working outside Bangladesh especially the SARC countries, African countries, Middle East.

The book is not a complete book covering all topics in Pathology and for this we have given reference textbooks to be consulted for further reading.

Target Audience
Health System Allied Specialties like Paramedics, Nurses, Laboratory Medicine and Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students (who are willing and preparing to appear in different postgraduate examinations in Pathology), Medical and Allied Professionals.
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