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Ready Reckoner of Adverse Drug Reactions
Yash Paul MBBS
Priya Marwah MBBS DNB (Pediatrics) MBA (HRM)

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Edition 1/e
Publish Year2014
Size 4 X 5.5
Cover TypePaper Back
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Quick Overview
In clinical practice, generally, more than one drug is administered. In case of occurrence of an adverse reaction, the doctor not only has to treat the adverse reaction(s), but has also to identify the offending drug(s) and advise their discontinuation.

Most often, the doctor looks for the adverse reactions caused by the administered drugs. Quite often, similar adverse reactions can be caused by multiple drugs which are being administered; and in such cases, identification of a single drug as the culprit can stop further search for similar reactions by other drugs.

In this pocket book, the authors have presented the common adverse drug reactions alphabetically with the causative drug in alphabetical order too. Some space has been left under each adverse reaction for updating names of newer drugs as and when they become available.
Key Features
• Written by experts in an easy-to-read format

• Takes a unique approach as the book discusses the common drugs causing a particular side effect instead of discussing the side effects of individual drugs

• Provides insight into the pathophysiological mechanisms involved in various adverse drug reactions

• The chapter on pharmacogenomics provides the reader with a preview of the future of drug therapy

• Well-conceived to meet the clinicians' need for the optimal management of their patients.
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