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Clinical Neurosciences and Critical Care Nursing
Sukhpal Kaur PhD

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Edition 1/e
Publish Year2014
Size 6.75" X 9.5"
Cover TypePaper Back
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Quick Overview
In today’s era of super specializations in nursing and the concept of nurse practitioners, a nurse no longer continues to be just an assistant, but is actually following up, monitoring, and treating the patients at her own. With the exponential growth of science in general and nursing sciences in particular, it becomes very important for present day nurses to keep themselves updated in recent advances. As the medical sciences have become vast, we all now need to select and then excel in the fields of our chosen nursing specializations, super specializations, and sub specializations.

Neurosciences and Critical Care Nursing becomes all the more important for nurses as during acute emergencies a vigilant and updated nurse can help save many lives in ICU settings as well as can go a long way to reduce morbidity and mortality. The role of a nurse expert acquires more importance in our society in view of limited availability of specialists and super specialists where patients are left with no choices except to go to unqualified and self-styled doctors.
Key Features
This book is an excellent overview of the care and management of critically ill patients.

The book has been written for the nursing faculty, the post graduate and undergraduate nursing students and the nurses working in the intensive care setups.

Nurses working in other bedside areas will find this book to be equally useful.

The contributors to the book are the eminent nursing and medical faculty from all over India.

The book provides comprehensive and in-depth coverage of caring for a critically ill patient along with appropriate illustrations.

Several new topics such as nursing management of brain dead organ donors, Care of the patients admitted in ICU, Standard safety measures, Role of Nurse in Acute Stroke Management, and Transfer of a critically ill patient etc.

have been covered in the book.

It has the material and knowledge to become the preferred reference for state of art nursing practice.

Authors' own professional experience and the addition of evidences from other research studies regarding the topics under discussion make the current book different.

Target Audience
Nursing Faculty, the Post Graduate and Undergraduate Nursing Students and the Nurses Working in the Intensive Care Setups.
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