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Current Concepts of Otitis Media and Recent Management Strategies
L Paul Emerson DLO MS (ENT)

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Publish Year2015
Size6.5" X 9.75"
cover TypeHard back
FormatFour Color
Quick Overview
The book hopes to bring together some of the newer developments in the management of the commonly seen disease in India. The objective has been to highlight some of the recent management strategies as well as recent advances, hoping to give readers relevant update and a better understanding of the disease process, because managing some of the resistant chronic ear diseases, can be quite challenging.
Key Features
• Presents the current concepts of otitis media, mucosal disease and surgical management.

• Includes anatomy and physiology of the middle ear with current classification of the anatomy of retrotympanum with the aim of aiding the newly developed endoscopic surgical management.

• The initial chapters deal with the pathogenesis of otitis media media with special emphasis on the Eustachian tube and its role in otitis media.

• Current definitions from various disease spectra of otitis media are presented along with relevant microbiology and pathology.

• Describes recent classification of acute otitis media with recent guidelines of treatment and chronic otitis media with special emphasis on tympanostomy tube otorhea, biofilms and their management.

• Treatment options are discussed in their entirety with contraindications.

• Defines eosinophilic otitis media – a recently recognized entity and its role in otitis media.

• Surgical management is discussed with specific emphasis on ossicular reconstruction for building up an easy reporting system from surgical point of view.

• Rehabilitation of hearing loss with currently available devices has also been dealt with.

• Useful for ENT practitioners, ENT postgraduates as well as postgraduate teachers.
Target Audience
ENT postgraduates as well as postgraduate teachers.
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