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A Complete Textbook for GNM Internship
Vijay Kumar Gauttam PhD in Nursing MSN RN RM

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Edition 1/e
Publish Year2015
Size 5.5" X 8.5"
Cover TypePaper Back
With CD/DVD No
FormatSingle Color
Quick Overview
This comprehensive textbook serves as a ready-reference tool for GNM internship students. The contents of this textbook has been arranged as per Indian Nursing Council syllabus and it contains five parts:

Section 1 is designed for nursing students, faculty, and staff educators learning to use technologies effectively and efficiently in their teaching. Based on educational theory and best practices, the text integrates resources from a variety of disciplines. The text begins with broad teaching and learning concepts that have relevance across a variety of technologies. Multimedia uses multiple forms of information content and processing mainly text, audio, graphics, and video for communication to cater the various user demands.

Section 2 is designed to improve one’s ability to conceptualize, construct, test, problems solve, and acquire knowledge, all of which are characteristics of scientific inquiry and the creative process required when conducting research. We have discovered, in teaching research methods courses and supervising dissertation committees, that students often have a difficult time conceptualizing the most appropriate research design, en route to collecting the data and answering the stated research questions or hypotheses. Based on this observation, we sought to find the best text that could help resolve this critical issue.

Section 3 covers a range of topics for nursing students and those looking to advance in their nursing career. Topics covered include resilience and leadership, nursing careers and careers success, writing for publication in nursing and successful grant writing, integrated case management, law in nursing, nursing history, spirituality in nursing, and more.

Section 4 is designed for management development of professional nurses in the twenty-first century. The text provides the best management concepts and theories of management available from the field of generic management, as well as from nursing management sources. It also provides theoretical and practical knowledge that will aid clinical nurse managers in meeting the demands of constantly changing patient care services.

Section 5 introduces students to the growing research field of health economics. Rather than offer details about health systems around the world without providing a theoretical context, health economics combines economic concepts with empirical evidence to enhance readers’ economic understanding of how health care institutions and markets function. It views the subject in both microeconomic and macroeconomic terms, moving from the individual and firm level to the market level to a macroeconomic view of the role of health and health care within the economy as a whole.
Key Features
This book A Complete Textbook for GNM Internship covers following topics:

- Part I: Educational Methods and Media for Teaching in Practice of Nursing

- Part II: Introduction to Research

- Part III: Professional Trends and Adjustment

- Part IV: Administration and Ward Management

- Part V: Heath Economics
Target Audience
Nursing students
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