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Recent Advances in Hematology- 4
Authors: Ishani Gupta MD (Pathology)
Shivani Gandhi MD (Pathology)
Reetika Menia DNB (Pathology)

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Publish Year2024
Size6.25" x 9.5"
cover TypePaper Back
FormatFour Color
Quick Overview
Our aim in compiling this book is to provide the healthcare professionals, researchers, students, and anyone interested in hematology with a comprehensive resource that reflects the current state of the field. This book has been divided into various sections, each dedicated to a specific aspect of hematology, from the basic science underpinning blood cell formation to the clinical management of hematologic disorders. In the following pages, you will find contributions from experts in the field, sharing their insights, research findings, and clinical experiences. Topics covered include the molecular basis of blood disorders, cutting-edge diagnostic techniques, therapeutic advancements, and emerging trends in hematology research.
Key Features
  • Comprehensive coverage of diverse hematological subjects, including rare blood groups (Er system) and precursor myeloid lesions.
  • Exploration of gene therapy’s role in addressing hematological disorders.
  • Emphasis on the critical role of flow cytometry in transfusion medicine.
  • Analysis of hematological changes linked to COVID-19 infections.
  • Updates on the molecular genetic features of mature T and NK cell lymphoma.
  • Recent insights into pediatric leukemias, CART cell therapy, microRNA in plasma cell dyscrasias, genomic profiling for clinical decisions, hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia, chemotherapy-induced anemia, and anemia in chronic kidney disease.
  • This book offers a comprehensive and contemporary overview of vital developments in the field of hematology, catering to a wide array of topics and interests within the discipline
Target Audience
Hematologist, Medical Student and Healthcare Professionals
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