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Mastering the Techniques in Hysteroscopy (Includes Interactive DVD-ROM)
Osama Shawki MD
Sushma Deshmukh MD DGO

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Edition 1/e
Publish Year2017
Size 8.5" X 11"
Cover TypeHard Back
With CD/DVD Yes
FormatFour Color
Weight (Grams) 1800
Quick Overview
This textbook is designed in such a way that it gives complete knowledge about the uterus, i.e. anatomy, physiology, instruments and gadgets and its applications along with the current and recent advances in hysteroscopy. There are many sections in this book dedicated to each problem, and various opinions and methods to solve it by stalwarts in hysteroscopy. It also includes the tips and tricks to master hysteroscopy. This book is blessed with many gifted international as well as national figures of India, who are specialized in hysteroscopic surgeries.
Key Features
• Times are changing in the World of the Hysteroscopy. A technique that has been usually labeled as ‘simply’ or ‘minor’ has finally exceeded all expectations, and everyday more and more procedures are done by hysteroscopy

• In the recent years, we have witnessed the remarkable progress that has happened in the field of gynaecological endoscopy. Technological development has led to a huge improvement in image quality and miniaturization of surgical devices. New techniques and methods have emerged. This process is consistently advancing, very dynamically, and still has quite a way to go.

• Within the field of gynaecological endoscopy, hysteroscopy is booming. More and more gynaecologists want to learn and develop this technique in order to include it in their daily clinical practice. As a result, you can also see a simultaneous increase in the practice of hysteroscopy carried out in hospitals in the world

• Courses and conferences about hysteroscopy play a crucial role in implementing and promoting out hysteroscopy approach as an available technique in every gynaecologic practice

• The objective of teaching is to enable others to get along without teachers.
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