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Comprehensive Textbook of Medical Physiology (2 Volumes)
Gopal Krushna Pal MBBS BNYT MD (Physiology) PhD DSc MD (AM) MD (Yoga) MABMS FABMS FABAP FSAB
Pravati Pal MBBS MD (Physiology) MABMS BNYT MD (AM)
Nivedita Nanda MSc PhD (Medical Biochemistry) BNYT

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Publish Year2022
Size8.25" x 10.5"
cover TypePaper Back
FormatFour Color
Weight (Grams) 2950
Quick Overview
Physiology is emerging as the central subject in medical science. With new revised curriculum of Medical Council of India (MCI), 2019, which has the recommendation for implementation of evidence-based, objective-oriented, clinically-focussed and skillbased integrated curriculum, physiology is the most suitable subject for such an evolutionary change in undergraduate medical profession in India. Physiology is the subject for complete integration with clinical and paraclinical subject, as Physiology provides the knowledge and basis of medical practice. In the new curriculum, Physiology as a subject will provide the link for integration among all the subjects. The present edition of the book is thoroughly revised in the light of new MCI 2019 guidelines for undergraduate medical curriculum. All major concepts and advances in physiology have been thoroughly incorporated in the text. The second edition of the book will fulfil the requirements and aspirations of all our readers.
Key Features
• The present edition is thoroughly revised in the light of new MCI 2019 guidelines for undergraduate medical curriculum.

• Learning Objectives of each chapter has been totally revised to make them more specific, divided into ‘Must Know’ and ‘Desirable to Know’ categories.

• Applied aspects are highlighted in ‘Application Boxes’, and Clinical Applications (patient and disease related concepts) are highlighted in ‘Clinical Boxes’.

• Addition of new chapters, mainly to integrate more applied and clinical topics, based on the new curriculum of MCI, 2019 and to facilitate early clinical exposure. New chapters added are on lymphatic system and lymphatic circulation, aviation and space physiology, blood pressure variability and baroreflex sensitivity, cyanosis, blood glucose homeostasis and pathophysiology of diabetes mellitus, electroretinography and visual-evoked potential, early clinical exposure and principles of energy metabolism.

• Early Clinical Exposure in Physiology has been described at the end as a separate chapter.

• Over 1400 schematic diagrams and Graphs.

• 25 new flowcharts and contribution of 18 more scientists have been added to this edition.

• All major concepts and advances in physiology have been thoroughly incorporated in the text.

• Key concepts have been made more structured with more point-wise (bulleted) description.

• Important and useful facts are emphasized as Important Note(s).

• All relevant and significant mechanisms are described with the help of easily drawable schematic diagrams and graphs.

• Important and complex concepts are simplified and summarized in the form of Flowcharts.

• Essential data and information are presented in a structured tabular format.

• All cellular and molecular mechanisms are supplemented with appropriate histological pictures.

• Substantial contribution of great scientists in the concerned field has been recognized as Scientists Contributed, which will be inspiring to all the budding physiologists.

• All topics end with a Chapter Summary having two parts: Key Concepts depicting central theme and Must Read/Know depicting all probable Long and Short Questions and Viva Questions for final exams.

• More than 2500 Multiple Choice Questions are added and given at the end of each chapter that will help in preparing for objective type tests, quiz competition, and PG Entrance/NEET Exams.

• Thus, this is a Comprehensive Textbook that has incorporated all the requirements of a medical student imparting knowledge and skill in the subject, acquiring all the ingredients needed to write the examination, and kindling the aspiration to progress in the profession.
Target Audience
Primary: Medical UG First Year Students Secondary: Allied Health Science Students
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