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Inderbir Singh’s Textbook of Anatomy (3 Volumes) Volume 1: Upper Limb and Thorax | Volume 2: Lower Limb, Abdomen and Pelvis | Volume 3: Head & Neck and Neuroanatomy
Revised and Edited by: V Subhadra Devi MS (Anatomy)

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Edition 7/e
Publish Year2022
Size 8.25” x 10.5”
Cover TypePaper Back
With CD/DVD No
FormatFour Color
Weight (Grams) 4215
Quick Overview
Medical curriculum in India is redesigned emphasizing on early clinical exposure to introduce the fundamentals of basic science principles in clinical practice. To facilitate the comprehension of anatomical basis of clinical practice, all chapters are provided with real life case scenarios and necessary explanation. Point-wise presentation of the text along with simple diagrams, pictures, flowcharts, tables, mnemonics for a better understanding and presentation in the examinations by medical students is the hallmark of this edition. This edition of Inderbir Singh’s Textbook of Anatomy is provided with many multiple choice questions, frequently asked long answer, short answer questions and a few practice diagrams to enable quick review prior to university examinations, viva voice or other competitive examinations.
Key Features

• As per revised MCI curriculum.

• Learning Objectives added in the beginning of every chapter to specify what student should learn from that chapter.

• To simplify the understanding of anatomical basis of clinical practice, all chapters are provided with real life case scenarios, questions and explanation.

• Clinical Application provided in boxes in a bulleted format to enrich clinical understanding of the students.

• Take Home Message provided at the end of each chapter to recap the highlights of that chapter.

• Free! Chart on important anatomical diagrams.

• For quick review prior to university examination and viva voce, each chapter carries Review or Practice Questions which includes Long answer questions (essay questions), Short answer question (short notes), Few Practice Diagrams.

• Multiple Choice Questions given at the end of every section for self assessment.

• Interactive online student resource.


• Thoroughly revised and updated.

• Point-wise presentation of the text (bulleted format).

• Chapters are organized in a logical sequence presenting all the relevance components at one place like all arteries of that part in one chapter.

• Surface Anatomy and Dissection steps of the region wherever required are explained in brief in separate boxes.

• Osteology of individual bones in limbs and thorax are presented in a novel way with description of general features in text form and the muscular attachments in table format for easy reference.

• New flowcharts, tables, simple diagrams and images are added for a better understanding and presentation in the examinations.

• Easy-to-remember Mnemonics included.

• Reviewed by 47 renowned faculties of India (National Advisory Board).
Target Audience
Primary: First Year Medical Students Secondary: Allied Health Science Students
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